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New L.A. Mayor Garcetti Wants EDM Festivals Back In The City

After years of having to flock outside the city to dance into the night, Los Angeles EDM fans may soon be getting their fix at home once again. The newcomer Eric Garcetti held a "Ask-Me-Anything" press conference via Reddit last night in anticipation of his taking office in a few weeks, and it didn't take much prodding to hear his outright support for electronic music events. Eric obviously feels the pulse of the youth, having held a fundraiser with Steve Aoki spinning at Avalon earlier this year, where he deemed L.A. the epicenter of electronic culture. Having looked at the impact on cities like Los Angeles and Miami he stated outright that he will support the return of music festivals to the Coliseum. The famed venue is in the process of a management shift from nine board members down to three (still pending), which could very well help speed up the approval process for promoters. Garcetti made it clear last night that he "want[s] some signature festivals here in L.A., the music capital of the world." So there you go nightowls, it's time to rejoice.

By Edward Fancher


A Prayer for David Santiago and a Note About Rave Violence

Our scene may be the most vibrant, electrifying thing to come out since the invention of the color television, but, like everything else on this earth, it is no stranger to the darker side of things. We have seen overdoses. Event companies have covered their asses by barring youth under eighteen entry to massives, and have gone out of their way to keep us hydrated because of rampant ecstasy use. Despite the huge crowds, our parties remain fairly safe. Hell, I felt a lot safer at Electric Daisy Carnival than I did at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting.

But even so, the rave culture will never lose its gritty side. You'll see that there’s more to the underbelly than meets the eye. You always have the option to accept responsibility for your own actions, and most ravers do that. But violence is a different story. We’re patted down from our toes to our ass to our underarms to enter these raves, and overall that keeps us pretty safe from knife and gun violence. But sometimes, it takes only a fist to tragically end a life.

Some of you may not know this, but up until about two years ago Phoenix held one of, if not the largest rave scenes in the United States. The lack of clubs, abundance of youth, and sheer area of the city made the underground PLUR scene flourish in long stretches of industrial complexes and just out in the middle of the desert. But that also makes them of questionable safety, and more prone to attract gang members from nearby areas. I'm sure this is the case in many cities. I was back in Arizona for Thanksgiving and went with some friends to WhiteOut 5 at a fairly well known venue near downtown where 12th Planet & Showtek were playing. Not everyone had a good night.

22-year-old David Santiago of Phoenix was at the show as well, but unlike the rest of us, he didn't get the night he was looking for. After being punched in the face and knocked to the ground by an unknown suspect, he was further injured by having his face stomped on by a second unknown assailant. Upon being rushed to the hospital, David was observed to have suffered severe brain damage. Despite doctors being optimistic about his recovery, sadly he passed away 10 days later.

From what I remember, the show must have had about 1000 people (police estimated this same figure). There are also reports that as many as 100 may have been around the attacks, but no viable leads have come from any witness reports. In fact, the people who were surrounding the attack did absolutely nothing.

After such a tragic incident, the EDM community will of course have many fingers pointed at it. But we must not let his passing be in vain. We must go forward and make sure that the violence that is rotting every other part of our society doesn’t permeate into OUR scene. If you see a fight brewing, get out of the way and speak up! Call a security guard, or snap a picture if it’s getting bloody. Just make a sincere effort to make sure this doesn’t happen again. As a fellow raver that we’ll never get to meet, I ask you all to express your deepest sympathies for David's family here and to put them in your prayers.

A security guard from a neighbouring building described the suspects as a Hispanic brown-haired male between 5'9 and 5'10, about 180 lbs, and wearing a red shirt at the time of the incident. The second male is described as thinner. The Phoenix Police Department is offering a $1000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. If you or anyone you know has any information related to the assault of David Santiago, please contact Silent Witness (480-WITNESS) immediately. 

Via: ABC 15 Phoenix

By Edward Fancher


Daft Punk Coachella Music Festival 2013 Rumors?

2013 may be the year that the mysterious duo that everyone has on their minds finally comes back to the good ol' USA. The elusive helmeted French House legends Daft Punk played at Coachella at 2006, so I would not be surprised if they came back this year. Coachella is the USA's biggest festival with the biggest names and with their mainstream appeal it makes perfect sense that the two make their big return to the salivating American EDM community there of all places. After all, if you were old enough if the early 2000s I'm sure you remember hearing "One More Time" on the Top 40.

Songkick sent out these emails earlier today, which in the past have been very accurate (the main Electric Zoo 2012 lineup was basically "leaked" through SongKick). A search on the website doesn't turn up results but this may mean we're about to get a taste of what these two have to offer us in 2013, hopefully in the Indio desert this spring. 

By Edward Fancher


Jumpstart Your New Year with POP NYE @ Oracle Arena Oakland

With all the festivities and events going on this New Year's Eve, you are basically guaranteed to have no problem finding a memorable (or not) way to start off your 2013. One of the parties we here at EDM Lounge are greatly anticipating is POP New Years Eve, a one-stage, all Trance event held in Oakland, California at the beautiful Oracle Arena. With big name Trance artists gracing the stage, from Andy Moor to W&W, this night will give you the chance to explore all different styles of the beloved genre. General Admission lower level tickets are already sold out, so you'll want to be sure to snag tickets soon - there is no better place to celebrate the starting of the "year of trance" as the clock strikes midnight than in Cali with the TranceFamily!

DYLOOT (5:00PM - 6:15PM)

1/3 of the group known as 'Deep Voices', this bay-area Trance DJ is renowned for his Progressive and melodic trance. Its only fitting to have one of the owners of Skills kick off the night into 2012. Starting off this single-genre, single-stage and single-vibe party, you are going to want to make sure you catch this event from start to finish. It will undoubtedly be a musical journey in itself.

W&W (6:15PM - 7:45PM)

Always known for bringing an immense amount of energy to their sets, W&W is an act you will want to make sure you experience. 2012 was an amazing year for these two, with a multitude of banging releases, including their most recent one, "Lift Off". Ranking this year's DJ Mag polls at #25, this superstar trance act will definitely make sure your feet don't stop moving. 

Above & Beyond (7:45PM - 9:30PM)

What better way to say adieu to 2012 with another mind-blowing performance by Above & Beyond? After just celebrating their 450th episode of TATW with the birth of Group Therapy in Bangalore you can bet this performance will be one for the books. With a new name, a new mission and most likely a new sound you know that A&B will connect to their audience in a way that no other act can. Dive into the night and find yourself surrounded by the uplifting arms of the TranceFamily. A sense of unity and an overwhelming feeling of love with the strangers around you will make you lose track of time while each track fades into the next. Playing at an all trance event will no doubt be the ultimate environment for Tony, Paavo & Jono - you would have to be out of your mind to miss this!

Andy Moor vs. Lange, featuring Bestie Larkin (9:30PM - 11:00PM)

2012 was also a very big year for seasoned producer Andy Moor, with his album release of Zero Point One. The album is a great example of euphoric and ambient trance. Collaborating with the likes of Above & Beyond and Ashley Wallbridge, this UK producer will be sure to put on a great show for us with Lange. The two have collaborated in the past and have similar tastes when it comes to Trance. These big name producers will be sure to make a versus set like no other seen before. This is certainly not Lange's first rodeo either. Being a prolific producer who has stood the test of time for many years in trance he continues today to wow trance admirers today. His eclectic and driving sets will be a perfect combination with Andy Moor's style. Buckle your seat belts, because Trance history is about to be made.

Dash Berlin (11:00PM - 12:30AM)

Dash Berlin is no stranger to music festivals. Gracing the stage from EDC to ASOT, Dash has made a real name for himself in the industry. Ranking higher than Above & Beyond in the DJ Mag Top 100s this year you can be sure Dash will have something great to bring to the table. Scheduled for the coveted midnight countdown timeslot, I'm anticipating a very uplifting, unifying set from him. Besides, who wouldn't love a countdown to the New Year with his uplifting tunes as the soundtrack?

Ferry Corsten featuring Bestie Larkin (12:30AM - 2AM)

As the grand finale of what's sure to be an unforgettable night, Ferry Corsten will be taking the stage. After releasing album WKND earlier this year, you can be sure he will bring an original performance like no other. This Dutch producer has been creating Trance for a long time, and his live sets are nothing but epic. This is the ideal way to begin any Trancehead's year! Also joining him that evening will be renowned vocalist Betsie Larkin, joining Ferry to end the night with something that will undoubtedly be spectacular. 

Grab your tickets while you still can!

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By April Surrency

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Tomorrow in AZ: La La Land Music Festival @ PHX Convention Center

Prepare for Electronic Dance Music to take over Phoenix, Arizona this Friday, December 7th at Arizona's hugest massive of the year with La La Land Music Festival, expected to be bigger than any other valley event to date. Five years in the making, this year's La La Land is expected to have an attendance of 10,000 EDM lovers from all over the nation! After being a go-to underground event within the Valley's rave scene for years, this year it's headed for the massive new Convention Center in Downtown Phoenix, and its three larger-than-life stages will be equipped to drop the bass in The Valley like we've never heard before. Unlike past editions this one isn't a dusk-til-dawn event, but will be held from 4 PM - 12 AM for obvious legal reasons. This event's lineup is extremely diverse and fully-loaded with super talented DJs with one-of-a-kind music styles. All together, there are thirty producers playing this event, with big names such as Lucky Date, Noisecontrollers, Bro Safari, and DJ BL3ND in attendance in addition to the headliners below. Watch out for our go-to photog with the blue hair at the event, and remember to say cheese people (not just cheese).


Every time I see Canadian Dubstep artist Datsik, I leave with my face completely melted, and I know I can expect the same result after his headlining set at La La Land!  Datsik, whose real name Troy Beetles, describes his style as "dark and dirty", and this vibe never fails to disappoint. Be sure to catch his set if you don't want to miss out on bone-rattling beats and filthy bass that will blow your brains out. We're excited to see if he switches up the style this time and drops some of those Trap productions he's been working on!

Cosmic Gate

Our expectations for German Trance duo, Cosmic Gate are set high for their headlining show at La La Land. Known for their creative and illustrious live shows, we can not wait to see what they have in store for us. With their effortless, kinetic sound that incorporates riveting melodies and synths that can captivate the crowd instantly, Cosmic Gate is sure to leave the audience enthralled and connected not only to the music, but with one another as well.


Mat Zo 

La La Land was lucky to land yet another talented Trance/Progressive artistEnglish Anjunabeats producer Mat Zo will be gracing the stage with his stunning visuals and can always be counted on to bring on the lasers. With his newest collaboration with Porter Robinson, our favorite new track here at EDM Lounge, "Easy," we can expect to hear new sounds of Electro, House, and Trance all included in one spectacular set. Zo is known for being the master of buildups, and his beats are sure to carry you far above the floor on an intense emotional journey of sight and sound. Don't miss him!


Michael Woods

Earlier on this year, Michael Woods performed beautifully here in Phoenix at Hypnotica Music Festival, and the anticipation for his set just keeps growing. This English Tech/Progressive House producer never fails to give his listeners an eargasm (or multiple!), and always brings the most unexpected synths to the table. One can only hope he brings the vibrant lasers with him to wow the crowd once again.


"All I've Ever Wanted" was to see Basshunter! That track is engraved in our brains forever! Let's be honest, there's not many people out there who would admit that they don't love this Swedish song-writer and producer. He's one of those artists that takes you back into a techno time machine every time you listen to his music, and what raver doesn't love to look back on all their good times and artists they used to fawn over. Truth be told, this Swede never gets old for me, and I am excited to see his wild and outrageous stage presence that I have always loved him for. 

Tickets Still on Sale!

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By Ariana Magedson