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"Dance The Pain Away" - Benny Benassi (Tom Swoon Remix) [Track of the Day]

Tonight I bring you a Progressive smash of a remix brought to us by none other than Tom Swoon. The artist formerly known as Pixel Cheese has brought us a multitude of remixes over the past year of everything from Avicii's "Let Me Show You Love," to Ellie Goulding's "Holding On," to his remarkably innovative remix of Kaskade's "Room For Happiness." The common theme throughout his repertoire is thick synth play and high energy, and his latest remix for Benny Benassi ft. John Legend takes the crown among the creme of the crop. Swoon's take on "Dance The Pain Away" is one of the catchier tunes I've heard in recent months. The best part is that it lacks that overtone of spoon-fed, over the top metallic breaks that's so deeply saturated in the top performing songs of the moment. Grab your copy from Ultra Records today!

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher


"Save Me" (Vanic Remix) - Topher Jones

Topher Jones' Save Me" had me thoroughly impressed from the start. It's a wonderfully produced track, with some of the best Progressive synth play this side of Kaskade. But after hearing Vanic's remix, I think that the track sounds much better with some meaty Electro flavoring. Although he's been putting out Dubstep remixes as of late, Vanic definitely has some potential with this newly formed Electro sound, so it will be interesting to see what he pushes out after this. In the meantime, grab the download for his remix out now on Ultra.

Out now on Beatport!

By Jack Ulrich

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"Overdose" - Wolfgang Gartner ft. Medina (Extended Club Mix)

Everyone's favorite Electro master is back with another single, this time taking a more club-friendly approach and making a vocal track that is reminiscent of Wolfgang's previous collaboration with Luciana, "We Own the Night." The production quality is still off the charts and features some incredibly catchy synths throughout that really infuse the song with a ton of energy. Syncopated beats stutter in and out to add emphasis to the vocals, and the bass line is thick enough to rip through big speakers while simultaneously allowing the other parts to stand out. The lyrics are definitely suited for the weekend and it will be wild to hear his devoted fans singing this one out at his shows! Even in the extended version, the interlude is still quite short and the driving energy is carried out from start to finish, making "Overdose" another banger for Wolfgang to add to the collection. 
By Andrew Cordivari

"Evil Lurks" (Original Mix) - Wolfgang Gartner & Tom Staar

Any time that Wolfgang Gartner appears on a track these days it garners attention, and this is an exciting debut with his up and coming protege Tom Staar who is signed to Wolfgang's Kindergarten label (although this track is released on Ultra). Evil Lurks is an Electro House track that stays true to the style and professionalism fans expect from Wolfgang, but it sounds more similar to his older sound, like his renowned collabs with Deadmau5 and Kaskade. The song opens with some mysterious, dark synths that are befitting of the name, and after some gothic chords it leads into a nice drop with many different layers of sounds, ranging from grinding synths to wobbles and squeals. It is cool to see how these two producers seemed to add dark thematic elements throughout the song in order to make the title appropriate, and it once again makes me wonder if there are any creative boundaries at all for Wolfgang and his team. Definitely worth the listen!

Out Today on iTunes!

By Andrew Cordivari


"Perfect Storm" - Pink Is Punk & Benny Benassi

Fresh out on Ultra Records is the hot new Electro House banger from Benny Benassi and Pink Is Punk. This epic track is one of the best I've heard in a while, and I love the slow Progressive House build that quickly gives way to an amazingly filthy Electro drop. Originally dropped at Ultra Music Festival back in March,  I'm thrilled to finally have "Perfect Storm" in high quality - it's a huge banger. I'm loving the new sound coming from Benassi. The man who has been around the EDM block more than a few times is adapting his sound to the shifting trends, and I sincerely hope that he has a lot more auditory "Satisfaction" like this coming our way!

Out now on Beatport!

By Sara Landry

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