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"The Scientist" (Original Mix) - Flux Pavilion 

How am I supposed to summon the right words to describe how amazing Flux Pavilion's new music is? Today he treated us all with another song "The Scientist" off his highly anticipated new EP Blow the Roof. Expect nothing less than bass perfection and fitting lyrics for the extremely eager EDM community awaiting the U.S. release on the 29th. I know I already grabbed my pre-order for Blow the Roof and you should definitely do the same. All I have to say for now is press play, sit back, and soak in the bass until Tuesday. Count down to the Scientist!

Out now on Beatport!

By Steph Perez

Follow me on Twitter: @StephPerezzz


Track of the Day: "Rez" (Bassnectar Remix) - Underworld

If you got a dose of the Nectar over New Year's Weekend, I'm sure you heard this one. Lorin's latest bass surprise gets going with stellar sounds and twinkling glitch before blasting into a jungle drum breakdown. This one reeks his intergalactic style and makes me miss that special night we shared with him at Electric Forest. Bassnectar has a way of taking you along for the ride, even if it's a brutal one. "Rez" grabs you by the hands and whisks you away, it's all about that build that gives way to a straining, deep blow that will have you honey-soaked by the end. I can't wait to partake in some more Dubstep worship at Ultra this March!

By Edward Fancher


"Blow the Roof" (Original Mix) - Flux Pavilion

Happy Birthday to the man himself Flux Pavilion! It might as well be every one of his fan's birthdays too, seeing as we are now officially within the last two-week stretch of anticipation for his newest EP Blow the Roof, set for release on the 28th. After treating fans to a free download of  "OneTwoThree (Make Your Body Wanna)" about a week ago, the title track "Blow the Roof" was released yesterday for official download via Beatport and itunes. The pre-order for the full Blow the Roof EP is now also available on iTunes for just $6.99 so don’t wait to grab your download, it's already a banging record!

Out now on Beatport/iTunes!

Preorder Blow the Roof EP (iTunes)

By Steph Perez

Follow me on Twitter: @StephPerezzz


Track of the Day: "Diffused" (Music Video) - The Upbeats

Today we have some dark liquid Drum and Bass from The Upbeats, a two man DnB and Dubstep group out of New Zealand. These guys have been getting quite popular in the drum and bass scene, and their exposure through the famed UKF dubstep/dnb channel has proved quite helpful. Their new single features some almost tribal-esque style vocal that are whispered in an ethereal manner throughout the song, setting the scene for a strong melody. Combined with the crisp drum section and the very dark bass behind it all, this song really starts to get addictive after a few listens, as it almost seems to take on a trance feel to it with interweaving rhythmic patterns. I really like this mysterious jungle and breaks take on the liquid style of drum and bass, as the Upbeat's previous releases have been much more abrasive. As a special treat, the video that accompanies this song is one of the coolest graphical creations I have seen in a long time... definitely some very trippy space stuff. 

By Andrew Cordivari

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Track of the Day: "What You Gonna Do" - Bar9

The latest masterful bass track from UKF's Dubstep collection kicks off with a deep humming interlude with haunting horns, you'll feel like you're walking on the moon but then you start to lose your balance! Gravity gives way and you can't stop the force no matter how hard you try. Bar9 kicks up the tempo and the pitch and then pushes you back down to the surface with sharp drops that will make you fly and cringe - but it'll feel so good. Get ready for some slapping bass of intergalactic proportions.

By Edward Fancher