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"SWRV" - MiMOSA [Free Download]

IT'S A TRAAAAP! Just kidding, it's MiMOSA. It always brightens my day when I discover a hot new Trap track, and this particular discovery was no exception. I have been a big fan of MiMOSA for a few years now, as he's always produced some very sick and on point Electro shit that always keeps up with the sound of the times. I'm really loving this transition into trap and this somewhat different side of an already fantastic bass producer. Can't wait to hear more! Like this? Be sure to check out his remix of "Niggas In Paris" (ILL AS FUCK).

By Sara Landry

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"Dirty Talk" - Wynter Gordon & Laidback Luke [Party Favor Trap Remix]

Trap is fucking hot right now! Everything is getting a sick Trap remix lately, and one of the latest epic track reworks comes from Party Favor, an up and coming trap producer from LA. Party Favor has produced an incredibly impressive trap remix of "Dirty Talk", one of my favorite Wynter Gordon tracks, and I love the raunchiness of her vocals combined with an amazingly sick trap drop. This track is the incredibly impressive follow up to the Party Favor remix of "One" by Swedish House Mafia, which was released just a few weeks before "Dirty Talk". Both tracks are incredibly impressive and definitely put Party Favor at the top of my list of up and coming Trap artists to watch. Enjoy!

By Sara Landry

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"Retro City" - Adventure Club (LOUDPVCK Trap Remix)

Start that Saturday off with some drum kicks & snare, with this latest Trap creation from LOUDPVCK. Adventure Club's already bass-filled original was just waiting to be given the royal Trap treatment, and no one better to do it that LOUDPVCK. With clean production and sampling of the echoing cries of the original, "Retro City" stays on point while becoming a totally different, never-heard-before track. Grab this free music download and get this sunny Saturday kicked off Trap style!

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Fiji" - Ryan Marks

"Now whaddo we have here?" Crank up the subs for this Trap Track of the Day by LA newcomer Ryan Marks! "Fiji" is a clean, glitchy Trap track with just the right balance between driving snare and blaring bass. Trap has become the latest fad in EDM with a lot of producers taking a stab at the rapidly evolving genre, but few have pulled it off well. With support from the biggest, baddest guys in the genre (Baauer, Flosstradamus) you need to add Ryan Marks to your list of producers to watch because this track's a banger!

By Edward Fancher


"DEAF" - Flosstradamus vs. Showtek (Free Download)

It's a trap!!! Floss slaps you with bass with this hypnotic Trap original mix with the legendary Showtek's "Colours of the Harder Style" mixed in. This trap mix takes the Hardstyle anthem and drops it in true grimey Flosstradamus fashion. Blast those subs and I'm sure you'll be "DEAF," or at least really awake after this one. 

By Edward Fancher

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