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Free Download: "Bird Machine" - DJ Snake ft. Alesia

There couldn't be a more appropriate title for this track. What's really just a syncopated simulation of birds making some noise has been very popular on the internet in the past week. Bassnectar has been previewing the "Bird Machine" in some of his most recent February sets, and I'm sure it does some serious damage when mixed into something else and on louder speakers. Though I'm a bit critical of this until I see how it performs in a "live" atmosphere, it's definitely a different sound that's somewhere along the lines of Trap/Anti-Dubstep. What do you guys think?

Free Download

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Incredible" (heRobust Remix) - Borgore & Carnage

The already brilliantly single, "Incredible," released last month by President Borgore and Carnage, has just gotten better. Where the original lacked in drops, heRobust has made up for them big time. Adding a hip hop backtrack filled with snares and drum beats only made the banging track more in your face. Don't worry, the Trap elements remain the backbone of the track, but trust me, you'll drop it REAL low when you feel the build up and then get that release from the drop. If you like hip hop, dubstep, or trap, which I hope is everyone I know, you'll love this tune. 

By Elyse Rousseau


Free Download: "Shakedown" (Trap VIP) - Jacob Plant

After recently writing about up and coming artist Jacob Plant's newest banger "Shakedown," he has unveiled a new Trap remix, that will leave all bass lovers craving more. After much praise from the original, I think this one could be even bigger. This is all day non-stop foot stomping hard. Is Jacob Plant starting to become a new breed of DJ, creating different genres of his own songs? So far he's got his feet wet in Progressive House, Dubstep, Electro House, and now he hones his Trap skills once again. I’ve never seen anything like it. With the hype and insane music that his new London producer is crating, he is definitely someone to look out for within the next year as the Trap-volution continues!

Free Download

By Jesse Silverman


Free Download: "Astronomia" (DeCadence Trap Remix) - Tony Igy

There is hardly a sound that is more timeless and unparalleled than Tony Igy's searing dancefloor classic "Astronomia." A throwback for any day, the original mix is a complex arrangement of bleeps and glitches with a long bassline as its backbone. With an eerily repetitive melody line, this one was just perfect for sampling alongside a Trap beat. This past Friday was without a doubt a huge day for Baauer as he took the decks of Webster Hall bringing us a landmark set for the blooming Trap genre. Although I'd say I recognized about ninety percent of the tracks he spun, he snuck this one into the mix and I was really glad to hear it. So grab the free download and get down!

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Cosmos Def" - heRobust [Free Download]

Are you feeling the Electro energy today? Or is it that tingling sensation running through your veins that makes you know it's a trap day? Even better would be both. "Cosmos Def" by heRobust satisfies both in a complex four minute production. In this one Hayden heightens our emotions with a multilayered sound but also adds some hard stylings in the mix to get us going. The outcome is a trophy of the modern Trap revolution, absolute fire. With a unique heRobust creates a unique and original sound by mixing the two EDM styles and is a producer I'd love to see mix at it when he's in the area. Download this one four times just because you can and just because it's so good.

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By Sierra Rose

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