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"Fire" (Original Mix) - Tropkillaz & CRAZE

Here's to some "Fire" new Trap from Tropkillaz & CRAZE to get your week going on a nasty track. The artists wrap dancehall inspired vocal calls around incessant drum sections and glitch to create one of the hottest originals to grace the Trap genre in months. Grab your free download, turn up the subs and blast off to party time. 

By Edward Fancher


"Grapevine" (Mr. Carmack Remix) - Gladys Knight & The Pips

It's not often that we get a remix of someone so distinguished, much less one that gives a dose of modernism alongside a heightened level of respect for the inventiveness of the original. Today's "chill-Trap" track takes the Empress of Soul's monumental song "Grapevine" and adds dense synth layers and an inexorable snare beat to create a precedent for everything contemporary soul should be. The remixer Mr. Carmack is certainly no rookie when it comes to abstract variations on R&B and soul - if you like what you hear be sure to check out his daring take on Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody."

By Edward Fancher


"Bacon" (Original Mix) - SAYMYNAME & Corrupted Data

What is the future of dance music, or even music in general? While many might point to "fusion," these two producers have a different take on that idea: "corruption." Today SAYMYNAME along with Corrupted Data spoon-feed us one of history's first Hardstyle-driven Trap anthems. With a novel marriage of 808s and distorted Hardstyle kicks "Bacon" is ready to "eat and sprinkle on your ice cream," so grab your copy today! 

By Edward Fancher

Photo by Kelsey Sikon for EDM Lounge at Tomorrowland


"Do Or Die" (Flosstradamus Remix) - Flux Pavilion ft. Childish Gambino

Before Electric Forest (still heartbroken that it's over), I was familiar with Flosstradamus but had never really listened to their music. Seeing the Chicago duo killing it live in the Holy Land definitely gained them new fans, with myself being one of them. Their newest release brings you right back to being in the crowd at the Tripolee stage with crazy lights in your face and love radiating all around you. Mixing Flux Pavilion's "Do Or Die," the duo introduce a Trap vibe over the original rap by Childish Gambino, adding that higher element to keep your knees moving through the entire 4 minute duration. If you need your fix of hard Hip-Hop drops check the song now!

By Elyse Rousseau


"No Scrubs" (Brazzabelle & Gladiator Trap Remix) - TLC

The nifty nineties were roaring decade for music development. Contemporary R&B became a huge part of pop culture with the success of artists including Boyz II Men, Destiny's Child, and TLC. In 2013, gLAdiator and BRAZZABELLE take us on a nostalgic journey back to TLC's classic '90s hit "No Scrubs." This smooth and downtempo Trap remix employs ambient sounds along with chopped vocals to give this tune an even sexier vibe, finishing strong with an unedited version of the chorus making it perfect for a sing-a-long finale! These guys are no scrubs when it comes to the Trap game so watch out for more and grab that free download!

By Daniel Madden