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Exclusive: "Shadows" - Astrix & Simon Patterson (Original Mix)

Astrix and Simon Patterson, two of my favorite DJs at the moment just released the full mix of "Shadows," and it kills. The original mix pours out with a haunted, space-travel essence that truly combines the sharpened skills of both producers. Astrix's trademark otherworldly sound merges with the brooding quality of Patterson's productions to create a straining monster of a track that is extreme in every sense of the word. While the sinister feeling "Shadows" gives off is not quite adventurous, the track is intricately layered and a delight to get lost in. Grab your download the release today and enjoy the entire mix exclusively below!

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher


"Allure" (Original Mix) - Relaunch

Tracks like Relaunch's "Allure" are like needles in the haystack. With a bassline that takes its time, this is not your run-of-the-mill, high energy Trance number, but that's what makes it all the more special. Combining an electric guitar section with a psychedelic undertone, this one forces you to soak it all in from every inch of your skin. As a release on John 00 Fleming's J00F Recordings, "Allure" is remarkable both as a radically different manifestation of Trance music and as a marvel of audio that will catch you in a standstill. Grab your copy today!

By Edward Fancher


"Razor" (James Dymond Remix) - Indecent Noise

Like a savage, James Dymond claws at Indecent Noise's "Razor" sharp 2010 original making a mark that will surely remain on Mental Asylum records. Last year we saw the vindication of the harder styles of Trance which had been abandoned when the Anjuna and Armada squads took over the commercial realm of the rave. This year, we dive back into the furious tempos that set Trance apart from the rest, surfing the swells of future psychedelia to keep our minds ensared in heady bliss. Grab the extended mix on February 10th!

By Edward Fancher


Simon Patterson This Friday at Slake NYC - Don't Miss Out

The one thing that I've noticed that sets Simon apart from the rest is his razor sharp focus. Back in early August, Patterson had the walls at Santos Party House shaking for hours, carrying us through unrivaled bliss till early morning. Standing by the DJ booth, I was able to thank him for the truly exceptional sound he sent us spiraling through for five hours. But other than that split second, his eyes and hands were fixed to the decks in a way that was nothing short of obsessive. 

Unbound by genre, Simon reaches a height of intricacy and precision that no commercial DJ I've observed can even come close to. While many of his time-constrained festival sets and Open Up podcasts focus on the high notes of Progressive Psychedelic, rabbit hole nights like the one this Friday at Slake are where his expertise truly shines. Meshing Tech Trance, Progressive, and a hint of Uplifting, Simon will have you forgetting everything you assumed a DJ set should be. Whether you're five minutes in or seconds before the clock hits 4 AM, it's all the same stream of musical liberation and you're a part of that flow. Forget the hype, just come hear for yourself why Simon is my favorite DJ of 2013.

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By Edward Fancher

Tonight in NYC: John 00 Fleming & Christopher Lawrence @ Santos

After over twenty years in the game, J00F remains one of dance music's most honorable and humble legends. The Brit was called a "national treasure of Trance music" by the BBC and it's no wonder after taking a listen to his repertoire. Always dark and psychedelic with a slight edge of Progressive, John's mixes provide the perfect soundtrack for a night out dancing under the stars or in your favorite club. Joined by his contemporary, IDMA-award winner for Best American DJ in 2005 Christopher Lawrence, the two will be playing an all-night rabbit-hole b2b set that is sure to have all the PsyTrance lovers at Santos Party House in a rampage. Grab your presales through us at the link below and see you there!

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By Edward Fancher