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"Hello" (Cold Blue's Uplifting Remake) - Above & Beyond

Cold Blue smooths off the edges and adds a proper Trance drive to Above & Beyond's latest release, "Hello" in his latest upload. The complexity and warmth of A&B's production is well managed in this rework which pays particular respect to the past stylings of the trio, so as to supplement its feeling instead of changing it. The result is a marvelous piece of music that I prefer to the original. Look out for a possible remix package soon!


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By Edward Fancher


"Into The Sunrise" (Denis Sender Remix) - FloE

The euphoric aura of Trance combined with a raw, festival-ready bassline is all I can ask for from a track these days, and Denis Sender has hit the nail on this one. In his latest remix of FloE's "Into The Sunrise," Sender gives us just enough nods Electro to classify this as an arena-ready uplifter. I can hardly imagine any artist in Trance, Progressive, or Electro that wouldn't want to pick this one up in their live sets. Be sure to grab your copy of the full remix next month! 

By Edward Fancher


Our First Show Ever! Transfixion NYC With Will Atkinson March 7

It is with great pleasure that I announce that EDM Lounge will be hosting our first ever show next Friday, March 7th! Along with our friends at EDM East and Mysterysounds we will be bringing Will Atkinson to Manhattan's Lower East Side for a night of full-on Trance. It was difficult to find an artist that had both history in the nightclub and that had never played in New York City, but we really lucked out with Will. 

At only 23 years old, the Scottish DJ brings with him years of experience and an appreciation for the high-speed Trance drive that has made NYC the epicenter of Trance in the United States. I myself am over-the-top with excitement as it has been my dream to one day throw an event, much less one in our own neighborhood. Come hear for yourself Will's musical precision as he pours out over a decade of mixing skills (yes, he's been spinning since age 7!). We hope to make this night all about family, with tickets priced at only $20 including service fees and support by local talents and friends Dave Barbera and Daniel Sea, who recently opened for Gabriel & Dresden at Webster Hall! 

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Call 917-689-6372 for Bottle Service/VIP RSVP

By Edward Fancher


"Faded Memories" (Etasonic Remix) - Flatlex

The all-encompassing power of Trance is captured in its essence in Etasonic's latest remix for Flatlex - "Faded Memories." Interlocking beautiful harmonics with an uplifting drive, piano breaks, and a melody that speaks straight to the heart, "Faded Memories" is exceptional in its storytelling ability. Each person on the dancefloor goes into their night out with a different outlook and different baggage, but the music cannot distinguish one listener from the next. To the sound we are all one, caught in the divine flow, either fighting the waves separately, or fused together in a delightful surrender. Check the five minute preview of this euphoric anthem below and be sure to watch out for the full extended remix coming soon!

By Edward Fancher


"Lost In Noise" (Sebastian Brandt Remix) - Indecent Noise & Lostly

In a masterful feat of modern Psytrance, Sebastian Brandt strips out the melody of "Lost In Noise" centering his remix on the push of Indecent Noise & Lostly's original. The track gets off to a ferocious start and keeps this vigor throughout, only easing up for those meditative atmospherics we all enjoy on a trance-night-out. Grab your copy of the remix today on Mental Asylum!

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher