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Track of the Day: "Bang!" - Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Jerome Isma-Ae

Whatever kind of music you're into, build ups are essential to any song. Alex M.O.R.P.H & Jerome Isma-Ae have mastered the art of an escalating sound and keep you at a whole new level in their latest release for Armada. I'm usually a dubstep fan but the Tech tempo in this track fed my thirst for groove and kept me on my feet for the entire duration. "Bang!" is one of those songs that you'll hear vibrating through the subwoofers after already being out all night and just slip into at 3 AM. As Armada and its artists keeps expanding beyond their trademark vocal Trance & Progressive sounds there's a lot of new grooves to be discovered, and this one will land you straight in the jungle. Unleash the beat!

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By Elyse Rousseau


Track of the Day: "Loud & Proud" - Blasterjaxx & Billy The Kit

Newly signed to Musical Freedom by Tiësto himself, Blasterjaxx and Billy the Kit unite for a massive festival banger! Their new single "Loud & Proud" released June 4 couldn't describe the track any better. Along with some nice piercing synth work, the melodies are superbly clean and lead into hard, powerful, and energetic chords all "to the beat of the drum." Songs are called anthems all the time but when you give this one a full listen and hear the bassline come in at 5:40 you'll realize why it deserves the title. Be on the lookout for these two dudes in the near future as they are now protégés of one of the Dutchmaster.

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By David Selsey


Track of the Day: "Ciao" (Original Mix) - Audien

"Wayfarer" was my go-to track since its hot release last year and Nath Rathbun, otherwise known as has managed to pick up the pace and craft a new frontrunner to my weekend playlists. Audien has recently released his new single, "Ciao," which is an intricate melding of club adrenaline and stop-and-stare mind melting pulses of high octane fuel, and the latest testament to Trice Recordings' determination to bring out the groovier side of Armada! Stream the full, extended original mix below and be sure to grab a copy. Editor's Note: I remember hearing this tune on repeat back in February. My roommate was actually supposed to be singing on the track, but I'm glad he kept the mix dubbed out, although the "ciao" whisper she had going at the break would've been a nice addition.

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By Matthew Colner


Track of the Day: "Rokit" (Chable & May 808 State Mix)

For today's Track of the Day I thought we'd take it back to the basics - it took a bit of digging but I found the ideal deep mix to satisfy the feels we all need this evening. The combination of these two Australian producers brought us Luke Chable's remix of Steve May's "Open Day" back in 2004, but this year they're back with a dual production that highlights the wonders of Progressive House. A quick listen to these two's past works unveils a true appreciation for the term "progressive," with each section building on itself and multiplying so slowly that the whole track really creeps up on you. Before you know it the sounds are vibrating your walls and shaking the world around you, but even if you find yourself noticing you probably don't care. Grab the original Progressive mix and the chiller drawn-out 808 State mix now!

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By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Waiting" - Project 46 & Soundwell ft. KORY

I just happened to stumble on this amazing new release from Project 46 & Soundwell, and let me tell you, this uplifting sound is exactly what I needed today to officially kick off my summer! I love hearing vocal Progressive that captures the sound of a season so well, so kick back, have a listen to this track, and get excited about all the love and music that is on our way in the coming ways. It's been quite a year for Project 46 and this summer is sure to top their success last year to grab the free download and keep waiting for more to come!

Free Download

By Sara Landry

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