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Trance Tuesday: Featuring Myon & Shane and Tritonal

Myon & Shane ft. Aruna - Velvetine: A song 2 years in the making, Myon & Shane 54 and Aruna team up to create "Velvetine," with the Great Divide. An excellent banger, with some catchy vocals makes this a timeless trance track. With banger moments, Myon & Shane prove to put their producing skills to the test. And it pays off. 

Tritonal ft. Ben Gold - Apex: Tritonal's new track featuring Ben Gold is truely an energetic tune. Starting off as an instant banger, the song is sure to tear up dancefloors across the world these coming months. Still hinting at their "Tritonian" sound, the collaboration with Ben Gold just seems to fit too flawlessly. Enjoy.

By April Surrency


Smoking Section 4/16: "Let's Smoke" - Domo Genesis

It's 4:20 out here in the Big City, and I'd like to inaugurate the smoking section segment today with a track by Odd Future's notorious herb connoisseur Domo Genesis. In this track off the mixtape Under the Influence, self-proclaimed 'Mr. Smoke-alotta-Pot' invites you to roll one up and toke with him. You really should check out this mixtape if you haven't already, Domo is easily one of the most talented members of Odd Future. 

By Matt DiGiovanni


Filthy New Track From Bass Master Vaski

This new track, released April 9 from dubstep producer Vaski has rocketed to the top-seven most dowloaded dubstep track on beatport. I am very pleased to see Vaski reaching a new level of fame, after seeing him perform at underground shows in the past. Enjoy this sick new track.

Buy on Beatport.

By Edward Fancher


Fresh Crazy Track "Dirty Sexy" off of Rusko's New Album 

This awesome new track is fresh off the press from Rusko's newest album Songs, released March 26. This is one of my main jams right now. The vocals work nicely, and the track is still dirty while being a little more palatable to someone just getting into the dubstep genre. All together Rusko impresses with this hot new track by showing his talent at blending pop vocals with dirty bass. 

By Sara Landry


Gnarly New Dubstep EP Riot! by Cookie Monsta

Dubstep artist Cookie Monsta really surprised me with his new release, Riot EP. The EP features tracks "Riot" (featured below) as well as three others ("Level Up," "Time to Get Crunk," and "Hedrokka"). The single "Riot" is a nasty bass-blasting song. Cookie Monsta also demonstrates  his talents at producing drum & bass on other tracks on the album.

Download from Beatport