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"A Night In" (EDC Orlando 2012 Anthem) - R3hab

Check yourself in, you've releapsed again. If you thought you were over your junkie days where you would take any Progressive House fix you could get, R3hab is about to prove you just how much you like it by injecting you with "A Night In" ecstasy that will open your eyes to the lights, your heart to the sound, and your hands to the sky. Rumor spread that there was a carnival of life, so Insomniac owls from all over the continent flocked to Orlando this past weekend with the Dutch soundmaster's anthem guiding them on their journey. At the Electric Daisy Carnival they made many other owl friends and danced with them, like EDM Lounge who took their pictures (going up today). Full release on the 23rd, but for now... the Tomorrowland rip!

By Edward Fancher


Amazing Aerial Footage of Tomorrowland 2012

Tomorrowland is a place where Yesterday is history, Today is a gift, and Tomorrow is a mystery - and this video truly captures the magic of the largest EDM festival in the world! Big shoutout to our fan Rutger Geerling for sending this our way, it's sure to be a huge hit on the web! Be sure to watch this one in full screen!

Here's what the photographer Rutger Geerling had to say about the footage on his blog:

"I’ve been wanting to do evening photoshoots from the sky at EDM events for years. However, Hollands tough safety laws don’t allow flying after dark. But even at earlier timeslots I had never managed to get a helicopter available to me for a shooting. Then, late June, luck turned. As senior photographer for Q-dance I was granted heli-time at Defqon.1, not just any slot – a LATE shot, the latest possible in Holland.

At exactly 22:05 I took off for a 20 minute shoot in which I could expand my imagination to the limits. Thanks also to the new camera equipment like the Canon 1Dx (amazing noise-levels at 800-1600ISO) and the stabilizer from the 70-200IS II telelens, also by Canon, the photos came out incredibly good with never before seen camera-angles. I immediately wanted to up the ante: Tomorrowland was just weeks away and in Belgium one is allowed to do nighttime flights. I explained the organizers my plan to do something never been done before: a risky shoot over the mainstage during the massive fireworks! With a simple “make it happen” things were set in motion: a time-slot was reserved for me and all that was left was mentally preparing myself for the technically difficult shoot ahead.”

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: Tomorrowland 2012 Anthem - Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

If you were paying attention to Twitter this past weekend, you probably know that the entire world was watching the party in Belgium. Tomorrowland 2012 was an absolute madhouse, and a delight to watch online on high quality stream. Now for our Track of the Day comes a very special track, the Tomorrowland 2012 Anthem, produced by some of the best House talent in the biz: Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. The progressive anthem is an uplifting track to say the least, and one that truly captures the magic of Tomorrowland, where Yesterday is history, Today is a gift, and Tomorrow is a mystery. Enjoy this wonderful tune, and make sure to get those tickets to Europe early this year instead of salivating in front of your computer screen. You'll be glad you did. 

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher

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