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Triple Stacked Trance Tuesday

Still With Me - Tritonal (Seven Lions Remix)

The original Tritonal track has been around on the Beatport charts for some time, but it is obviously a favorite when it comes to remixes. When I first heard Seven Lions was going to remix the heavenly vocals of Christina Soto - I was a bit curious. How would Seven Lion's dubstep feel mesh with the airy and ethereal vocals of Christina Soto? To my surprise; they go together better than salt and pepper. With the building, beautiful melody Tritonal lays down, Seven Lions only adds a more dramatic accompaniment. Before I knew it - this track was number 19 on Beatport's dubstep charts. When it comes to rising producers, I can assure you that you will be seeing more and more of Seven Lions since he is so great at meshing two completely different styles of electronic music together.

Monolith (Maor Levi Remix)- Andrew Bayer

Andrew Bayer is certainly one of the most underrated producers in Trance right now. Although he reserves a style of Trance all to his own, he can create some amazing sound environments for EDM lovers everywhere to appreciate. Paired with the funky style of Maor Levi, the track would no doubt become a wonderful blend of funky and fresh Trance music. Monolith is one of my favorite tracks on Andrew Bayer's record It's Artificial (which I highly recommend any Trance lover to own), so when I saw that Maor Levi was remixing a track of his- I got very excited. Although the track may appear to be "toned down" to some Andrew Bayer lovers, I am in love with it. Andrew Bayer is not the easiest producer to mix into sets, and with this mix I feel I might get to hear a little more of him. By blending their styles together, Maor Levi and Andrew Bayer have reached a unique balance between innovative and funky - and it works great. 

"Golden Oldie"

Preface: Trance has become very Progressive. While that is good, just like with any craft we must look back and see the fundamentals in order to truly appreciate the art that Trance music can be. Besides, a lot of these tracks I can promise you will occur in sets by big names, and lets be honest - who wants to be the only one that doesn't know all the words? 

Love Comes Again - Tiesto feat. BT

A long time ago, (well, not so long, but for EDM it was a while ago) Tiesto was a Trance producer. In fact, a lot of people used to refer to him as a "King" of Trance. At the time, there was a very good reason for that. I remember being young and holding a Elements of Life CD in my hands and thinking it was the greatest thing ever. His music at the time was revolutionary and it hit Tranceheads across the world. One of my favorite aspects of Tiesto's trance were his vocals and lyrics, which weren't like those of your average song. They were complex yet simple messages through music. Accompanied by his signature sound, the lyrics made sure to plant something into your brain that just would not come out. "Love Comes Again" is a signature track by him, and if you don't know it, it's about time. I've heard this track recently even, so its relevancy still lives on. The message of the song is a gorgeous one, and I encourage you to learn the lyrics. Because even though Tiesto's gone to House, we can always be sure that "love will come again." 

By April Surrency


The Best of Electric Zoo 2012: Live Set Downloads

All the animals are still roaming wild after this weekend at the Electric Zoo. We were absolutely blown away by stellar performances from nearly every artist we saw this weekend, so we're happy to present this list of live sets from this past weekend. The list will be updated as more streaming sets become available. And if you were at the festival you may have seen Brooke Allan taking your photos, we have a lot coming real soon so watch out for them, they'll be posted within the next few days on the Event Photos section and on our Facebook page (so make sure to tag yourselves)!

Dillon Francis

D-Francis brought the tent to the ground with his grimey Jungle Moombah beats Friday. It was a hot and sweaty late afternoon but not even 90+ degrees could keep NYC ravers out of the Riverside tents for one of the weekend's grindiest sets.

Ferry Corsten

You could just tell by the look on Ferry's face towards the end of the set on Friday that he knew he had killed it! Playing one of the most high-energy Trance sets we've ever seen, the set was only overshadowed by Above & Beyond. Watch out for our interview with him coming soon!

Above & Beyond

Whether you're a fan of Trance music or not, A&B are life-changers. Tony and Jono played two absolutely magnificent sets, one Friday for Group Therapy at Hilltop and one Saturday Main Stage to close the night. The English trio is known for their moving mixes, and I can safely say that everyone from die-hard Anjunabeats fans to people who had never heard them before were blown away by their sets. I have never seen anyone cry at an EDM show, but these two made it happen - two nights in a row with confetti raining down from the sky. The highlight for me was their closing with Oceanlab's "On a Good Day" Saturday night. Absolutely breathtaking, as always. 


The Godfather played an amazing set Main Stage Sunday main stage dropping countless new tracks such as Dyro & Amba Shepherd's "Sky High". Tiesto kept the crowd moving with "Maximal Crazy" and other smash-hits, it was a total shame he didn't get to close the festival. 


Our boy D-D-Diplo got dirty last night with one of the best sets we've ever seen him play, and with 3D visuals! Dropping countless originals and new Major Lazer tracks, and grimey Moombah remixes of Rick Ross, to Kanye, to Azealia Banks, D kept the crowd grinding sweaty and dirty for an entire hour-and-a-half. The highlight of the set was of course when "Express Yourself" dropped and our very own Anne Chang ("Trisha Takanawa") was escorted on stage to twerk that bootay. One of the best sets of the entire weekend.


By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Bonny" - Basto

Straight outta Belgium, Basto is quickly gaining the support of the world’s biggest DJs such as Tiesto and Armin van Burren for his set-friendly tracks "Again and Again" and "I Rave You." After performing at the holy-grail of festivals, Tomorrowland, the Spinnin Records artist is back with yet another Electro House banger. Basto uses melodic synths and chill bass to build up to a drop that Sidney Samson has called “Crazy,” and is sure to be played in clubs globally. If you don’t know Basto yet, its about time you did.

Out now on Beatport!

By Will Payne

Follow me on Twitter: @WillPayne24


Track of the Day: "Hide And Seek" - Imogen Heap (Sound Remedy Remix)


Imogen Heap has been off the music charts for a while, but her versatile tracks just keep coming back reinvented, and even better. Ever since Tiesto remixed "Hide and Seek" in 2010, none have dared to try and follow in his dust. That is, until Sound Remedy. Straight out of Chi-Town, Sound Remedy’s a fiercely relentless, up & coming DJ. Heavy yet relaxing, Imogen Heap's classic vocals layered with this newcomer's drops is a certified dubstep gem.

By Anne Chang

Track of the Day: "Organ Donor" - Sultan & Ned Shepard

Sultan & Ned Shepard give DJ Shadow's Organ Donor a progressive house spin that does the original justice. "Organ Donor" has more drops than a rollercoaster while maintaing its driving club pace. This is definitely a track to bump at a party! With this track and the massively popular "Walls" (featured on Tiesto's Club Life Vol. 2) in their recent arsenal, Sultan & Ned Shepard are only going up in my book.

By Joe Walker

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