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"Clarity" - Zedd (Tiesto Remix)

Tiesto has been working hard lately. Last week it was his Passion Pit "Carried Away" remix, and now this! The Dutch legend kept the chorus with no edits - Foxes' beautiful voice and Zedd's uplifting melody definitely give you that summertime happiness feeling invoked by the original song. But the drop hits you out of nowhere with loud and vibrant horns that make you move. It's definitely a different tone than what Zedd had made for us originally, so I want to hear what you guys think. Be sure to catch Tijs on his College Invasion Tour this Winter!

By Daniel Madden


"Love Comes Again" - Tiesto ft. BT (Henrix Remix)

Tiesto & BT's classic is one of my favorite Progressive tracks ever made, and always one that'll put a smile on my face when I hear its huge stadium sound. Due out February 4th is Henrix's masterful remix, which takes a new spin on the original that we've never heard before. As a mainstay of many Trance artists' sets, I'm used to hearing this with deep, pulsating basslines that make the walls shake. Henrix takes that sound and flips it upside down, instead aiming for a heavenly Progressive break that will shine light into any cold, dark day. Just when I've broken down I found, love can come again! 

By Edward Fancher


Free Download: "Maximal Crazy" - Tiesto (Spaveech Trap Mashup)

There's a lot of overplayed festival tunes, but "Maximal Crazy" will never be in those ranks. You can hate on its popularity all you want, but Tiësto's Progressive masterpiece will forever remain a mainstay of catchy, dirty House music. "Like This Like That," Jersey producer Spaveech takes the original and weaves it in with heavy snare and samples of "Epic" and "We Own the Night" to create a smooth Trap mashup that will get your heart beating out of your chest. Watch out for more from this up-and-comer, there's definitely more of this to come. Hey, check out his "Clarity" remix while you're at it.

Free Download

By Edward Fancher


"Carried Away" - Passion Pit (Tiësto Remix)

Tijs continues his winning streak with another masterful Progressive take on an Indie rock gem. After last year's scores with "We Come Running," among others, Tiësto tries his hand at some good old Passion Pit. This big uplifting sound has been working wonders for the king of the dance floor of late, balancing careful melody lines from the original composition alongside euphoric breaks and chords, and I'm sure that he'll win over many festival crowds around the continent with it when he explodes back on the scene this winter season. Be sure to follow him on his College Invasion tour across the country, and get your tickets here

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher


Trance Tuesday Playlist ft. Ost & Meyer, Eximinds, & Tiesto

So we have finally reached the first Trance Tuesday of 2013!  After ending my 2012 at POP, I can assure you 2013 is going to be one booming year for Trance! Offering up a sneak-peek of what the new year has to offer, POP gave me a feeling that this will be the year of not just new, but old too! Pop NYE did not just feature Trance how it is now, but how it was, which had me and probably many others shaking with excitement for more to come. Be on the lookout for re-works, revamps, remixes, bootlegs and mashups! 

"Take Off" - Ost & Meyer 

With one of the first releases of the new year, Ost & Meyer come out with another energized yet melodic piece of trance. Tribal vocals and twinkling synth melodies accompanied by strings set the scene for a gorgeous signature piano breakdown, only to bounce back into a bass-y energetic interlude. Bursting with rhythm after the breakdown, Ost & Meyer make sure this tune fits in perfectly with all of their other productions. If you know Ost & Meyer like I do, then this track comes as no surprise - but why mess with something that isn't broken?

"Revolved" - Eximinds 

When electronic music reaches the point where genres meld together, and the essence of seamless, smooth production becomes the goal, amazing things can happen. Russian Trance duo Eximinds proves this with their new track, "Revolved". With a hard driving bass and an ethereal breakdown that is engineered to be played in a big room, you'll definitely want to put your good headphones on and turn this song all the way up. Nothing timid about this track - get ready for a banger. 

Golden Oldie

"Adagio for Strings" - Tiesto

Before his days of House music, Tiesto was a devoted Trance producer. After making history playing at the summer Olympic games in Greece in 2004, this song became forever immortalized. Still sampled by artists today, this tune is a classic that will instantly excite anyone who remembers the infectious melody. After hearing it at POP NYE I thought it only necessary to pay homage to this tune that has withstood the test of time. If you like this, then check out more of Tiesto's old creations, like "Just Be" or "Traffic". You certainly won't be disappointed. 

... Also, check out the re-work I mentioned that played at POP!

"Adagio for Strings" - Tiesto (W&W Bootleg)

By April Surrency

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