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Tiësto Goes Deep Into The "After Hours" For Club Life 331

Last week Tiësto shook things up when he announced that he would be producing a Trance album if he took back the #1 DJ throne. This was followed by an announcement that he would be adding a weekly "Club Life After Hours" that would run Deep mixes from 5 AM Sundays to 5 AM Mondays. After an extended foray into Electro House he's ready to make Musical Freedom live up to its name - and in more ways than feeding into the trendy sounds (see: Trap Remix EP released last week). Musically, today's tracklist picks up a lot of tunes both popular and obscure with a constant grooving vibe that is perfect for the graveyard-shift broadcast. But at the same time a lot of the tracklisting is dated when compared to the up-to-the-minute weekly selection that radio shows these days are adhering to. It seems to me that Mr. Verwest is just adding another brand to his collection, and so far I'm digging it. Grab the download.


Hour 1
Daughter, “Youth” (Alle Farben Remix)
Art Of Shades feat. Soukaina, “All Away”
DSF, “Private Thoughts”
Goldroom feat. Chela, “Fifteen” (Rotkraft Remix)
Finnebassen, “You’re Not Cool Enough”
Audiofly feat. Fiora, “6 Degrees” (Tale Of Us Remix)
Fabo feat. Angela Sheik, “Can’t Decide” (Flow & Zeo Remix)
Vario Volinski, “Falling In Love”
Luomo, “Good Stuff” (Dave DK Remix)
Dinka, “Polarity” (DBMM Superlove Remix)
Luis Leon, “Love Is A Lie”
Made To Move, “Perfect Lady”
Tube & Berger, “Imprint Of Pleasure”

Hour 2

Destiny’s Child, “Say My Name” (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Framewerk, “As If”
Phoenix, “Lisztomania” (Vanilla Bootleg)
Monkey Safari, “Hi Life” (Cheeky Bold Cover)
Hells Kitchen feat. Irina Makosh, “I Close The Door” (Walkboy Remix)
Yoachim, “EHC” (Oliver Schories Remix)
Miyagi, “Woodpeckers Love Affair “(Sascha Braemer & Dan Caster Remix)
Stefan Biniak, “The Read All About It Bootleg”
Him Self Her, “Gone Too Long”
Fatso, “Empathy”
Jan Blomqvist, “I Don’t Think About You”

By Edward Fancher


"The Sound of Nature" (Plug 'N' Play Remix) - Mario Lopez [Throwback Thursday]

"Trance is not a genre of music, but a flow, an element. A true conveyance of human expression, culture, and diversity. Trance is not a genre of music, but a key to expression of the euphoric emotions from within yourself. Once you have trance, you can turn it into whatever you want. Trance is the epitome of sound, the sound men were looking for. That sound is a state of mind which gives you a form of positive energy to go on and it to share with the ones you love. It's a lifestyle - a habit fed by listening to a tune which catches your heart and electrifies your mind. It's a lifelong journey down the rabbit hole of sound, a mysterious experience bringing you to the far corners of the world, pressuring you with feelings you have never felt before. While some music raises questions, Trance remains the answer, carrying you into anything and nothing at the same time. It drags you into emotions from beyond. It feeds your every need and heals you when you're sick. It's the forbidden fruit, a taste sweeter than you've ever had before, but you can never make it completely yours." - Anonymous

Extended Remix

By Edward Fancher


"Cango" (Extended Preview) - Pelari

As the anticipation builds towards Tiësto's release of Club Life Volume 3, Stockholm on the 18th, fans are starting to get a first look at the insane new tracks from the mega DJ. One of my favorites is "Cango" by the relatively unknown Swedish act Pelari. So obscure, in fact, that their facebook fan page only has 685 likes on Facebook! Don't let that fool you though, if your first release is on Club Life, it must be pretty impressive, and this one definitely comes off as one of the compilation's shining tracks. With an insane kick drum and dope buildups with crazy synths this is the summer hit we've been waiting for. Make sure to keep Pelari on your radar as they continue to break onto the scene as some of the next big Swedes!

By Jesse Silverman


Track of the Day: "Love Is The Answer" (Tiësto Remix) - Jus Jack & Oza

Released by Musical Freedom on May 21, "Love is the Answer" by Jus Jack & Oza ft. Blessid Union of Souls will definitely give most of us a nostalgic feeling. When I first heard the track I felt creeping deja vu — and then I realized that this was Blessid Union of Souls’ 1995 single "I Believe" transformed into a progressive house masterpiece in a way I would have never thought possible. Clearly, the newly formed duo of Jus Jack & Oza thought that it could be done and they definitely made it happen. Their original mix of the track set the stage for Tiesto to give it a more boosted and big-room appeal. 100% the proceeds from this remix will go to the World Childhood Foundation. Show that love is the answer and spare a couple bucks to grab the track!

Out now on Beatport!

By David Selsey


"Flight 643" (Fei Fei's Faded Trap Remix) - Tiësto

With the dawn of Club Life Vol. 3 Tiësto has made it clear that he's not interested in sticking to one sound. In the latest 319th episode of his podcast of the same name, Tijs signs out on an Electro set with this banging Trap remix of one the best tracks he's ever produced: "Flight 643." The original with its faded extended synths leading into soft rapid basslines lends itself swimmingly to Fei Fei's masterful retake. Lauded by 12th Planet as a "dope ass producer," this energetic Asian female producer seems to have the dice in her favor - hell even Bassnectar commended her: "the future is diversity, tempo changes, the whole deal. You go girl." There's a dearth of females in the industry outside of Tech & Deep House and I'm hoping the stars align right for her. At least for the time being, if there's any style that can take you to the top in 6 months or less it's Trap. If you were at Webster Hall for Carnage last night you'll know what we mean.

Free Download: Club Life 319

By Edward Fancher