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Review: The Living Dead EP - Zeds Dead

Remember my interview with DC of Zeds Dead? Well, this is the new EP he was talking about, and let me tell you - it does not disappoint. The Living Dead was released shortly after their remix of "Fight of My Life" by Colin Munroe (which is a must-hear track), and after these two releases, I cannot wait to see what they're going to give us next. This collaboration EP with rapper Omar LinX has four tracks: one Electro House and three Dubstep (2 of which are at a lower BPM), and each track is absolutely awesome in it's own right. 


This first track is one of those done at a slower rhythm, which they did very well because despite having a BPM below 100, the beat is still danceable. The track starts out sounding very Electro House at the beginning, then has an awesome Dubstep drop about halfway through the song, which is awesome (think like "Doomsday" by Nero).

"Take a Chance"

This second track is Dubstep at the typical 140 BPM, and features more prominent vocals from Omar Linx. This track is my favorite of the four -- I love the way they've structured the beat and the bass (it's pretty eargasmic).

"The Fight of My Life"

"Fight of My Life" is a heavy and melodic tune. With a soft opening that drops into a slick-fast rap flow, I absolutely love it. Let's be honest, no one does this combination better than Zeds Dead.

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Review: Zeds Dead at Baltimore Soundstage

My plastic glass was literally shaking on the table. The windows of the Baltimore Soundstage vibrated when Zeds Dead took the stage Saturday night, and I almost expected the bass to shatter the glass. The already sweating crowd exploded in excitement when the ZD original, "Adrenaline," blasted through the speakers.

Supporting the new trend of trap, Zeds Dead played "Grove St. Party" by Waka Flocka Flame ft. Kebo Gotti, "Harlem Shake" by Baauer, and the RI Grime & Salva remix of "Mercy" by Kanye West, which sent fans into an absolute frenzy.

ZD played originals such as "1975," "Undah Yuh Skirt," and "Jackie Boy 2.0." I personally freaked out about halfway through the night when Skrillex's remix of "Goin' In" by Birdy Nam Nam was buzzing through the club, as I had reviewed the record as track of the day just a few hours earlier!

Other tracks played during the night included Sub Focus' "Falling Down," Knife Party's "Sleaze," Hulk's "Clockwork," Major Lazer's "Original Don" (Flosstradamus Remix), and a kickass remix of "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones.

According to the Zeds Dead twitter, it was the guys' first time playing in Baltimore, and the crowd certainly welcomed the duo chanting their name for an encore. ZD snuck back onto the stage with big grins across their faces. It was a great time, and a live show I'd highly recommend! Be sure to catch ZD on their Living Dead tour, and watch out for new stuff from them on the Lounge! And if you missed our interview with them last week, make sure to check it out!

The Living Dead EP, out today on Beatport!

By Laryssa Loza

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EDM Lounge Interviews Zeds Dead

In case some of you didn't know, we here at EDM Lounge had a very exciting week. On Wednesday, yours truly (the Bass Queen, BQ) got to sit down with DC, one half of the epic Toronto-based duo Zeds Dead, to have a nice conversation about their new tunes, the future of their duo, and the evolution of EDM as a genre.

BQ: First off, I just need to give you some love from friends. My little brother absolutely loves "Coffee Break," which is a sick track. I have mad respect for producers who can combine hip-hop with dubstep beats. 

DC: Yeah, the track's a little fast so it works well with hip hop vocals and shit. 

BQ: Didn't you guys originally want to be Hip Hop producers?

DC: Yeah we always just produced Hip Hop in the beginning. We were huge Hip Hop heads. Still are. We're still doing Hip Hop beats, it's just, that when we started Zeds Dead, the idea was to do more Electronic things, because our previous group Mass Productions, was strictly Hip Hop. Like, old school hip hop sampling kinda shit. 

BQ: So how did you get into Dubstep?

DC: When we started Zeds Dead, it was like "Alright, let's start a fresh page and do electronic shit." When we just started electronic production we were really into Electro House, and then got into Dubstep. But recently, I've really gotten back into Hip Hop, and I see Zeds Dead as being something that I can produce everything under, it just happens to be that when we started we were doing Electro and Dubstep and shit. Our first popular tracks were Dubstep tracks, so a lot of people saw us as a Dubstep group, but we have a lot of different tunes out there, a lot of different releases, and coming up especially we're going to be doing a lot of different stuff. I just see Zeds Dead as a larger encompassing title which I can produce many electronic genres under.   

BQ: Right. And lucky for you guys, you can still do whatever you want. So that's an awesome creative freedom.

DC: Yeah, I think our fans have come to understand that we do different kinds of stuff, so I feel like they're just interested in what we have to show them, whereas some people just want to hear Dubstep because they're hardcore fans of Dubstep - know what I mean? I think a lot of our fans are open to the different stuff that we produce. 

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