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"Out Of Sight" - The Bloody Beetroots ft. Paul McCartney

The only thing these two have in common is their knighthood, which in Sir Bob's case is self-anointed. When Rolling Stone broke the news to us late last week we didn't really know what to think. But now that the song has finally premiered our doubts have been cast aside. "Out Of Sight" is an bass-on-blast, arena sized track that highlights truly the best of each of these characters, despite Paul being given just a "featured" on the track alongside Youth.

Guitar riffs are Bob's game and he starts the production off with a simple riff which seamlessly settles over the drums and builds. In an enervating dance debut, McCartney jumps into the mix soft through the Beatles style interlude but ends the track screaming in a record that truly defies his age and the stale sounds dominating our airwaves. This is The Beetroots' biggest moment to date and perhaps the most sincere, passionate mainstream collaboration to rock our scene yet. Grab your copy on Ultra Records today.

Out now on iTunes!

By Edward Fancher


"SPANK" - The Bloody Beetroots ft. TAI & Bart B More

If there is one name that you can associate with unrestrained, wild Electro, it is definitely The Bloody Beetroots. Sir Bob consistently put out abrasively precise tracks and their newest single "Spank" is certainly true to form that absolutely rips through the speakers. The song kicks off with a glistening arpeggio that adds a nice melody before the track's intensity builds, and a wonderfully ominous bassline creeps in around the 1:00 mark to warn of what is ahead. The vicious synths in the drop cut through the mix with the kind of frenzied, uninhibited energy that The Beetroots have become known for, and this will definitely please even the most die hard of fans. If you have never seen these guys before don't miss the opportunity this weekend at Ultra Music Festival!

By Andrew Cordivari


Track of the Day: "1 2 Cake Cake" - Crizzly ft. Steve Aoki

Amidst a sea of disappointing bass music, today I found a super interesting track from my favorite producer from my home town: Crizzly. This interesting mashup of "Birthday Cake", "Warp 1.7", and "Cake Batter" somehow seems to work, and I'm totally feeling it. He's certainly an awesome producer, and this track demonstrates that. The Bloody Beetroots and Rihanna should not go together, and it takes mad skill to make them coexist. So big ups to Crizz for giving us this grizzly tune, and a personal thank you directly from me for making my favorite slut song more head noddy. 

By Sara Landry

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Track of the Day: "Chronicles of a Fallen Love" - Bloody Beetroots

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo takes his philosophy of “ordered chaos” to an awe-inspiring level, as The Bloody Beetroots boasts "Chronicles of a Fallen Love," a masterful release following their latest hit track "Rocksteady." A series of soft kick drums and piano play that underlie the soothing vocals of Greta Svabo Bech ("Raise Your Weapon") transition into Rifo’s trademarked Italian futuristic, hardcore punk style of gritty electric guitar melodies, glitchy mechanical leads, and gyrating white noise. SBCR has documented his vast background with a discography spanning much of the known music spectrum, as EDM seems to be his default outlet to bridge those separate experiences into musical works unlike any other. Belonging to a group of only a handful of producers in the world, BB is not only jack-of-all-trades, but also a master of them all.

By Kiren Srinivasan


Hot New Bloody Beetroots Single "Rocksteady"

Italian Electro-House producer Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, head of the EDM project known as The Bloody Beetroots, returns for the summer with the hot new single "Rocksteady," out today on Ultra Music! Released ahead of their DJ set with mate Tommy Tea at HARD LA and Electric Zoo, "Rocksteady" is guaranteed to be that uniquely hard Electro your head has been waiting to bob to. Props to The Bloody Beetroots for constantly being a unique and aurally-unmatched act within EDM. Do we hear a little trace of Daft Punk? Expect a music video soon!


Out now on iTunes!

By Edward Fancher