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Free Download: "Just Breathe" (Gazzo Remix) - Télépopmusik

There's hardly a better model of Downtempo House than Telepop's 2001 classic "Breathe," but today Gazzo's here to turn it add a Progressive push complimented by an irresistibly deep groove. The up and coming producer from Fairfield New Jersey first found his internet fame a year ago for his Progressive remix of Y LUV's "Never Touch the Ground," but a quick listen to his latest endeavor reveals a flair for the unpredicted. The original "Just Breathe" was noteworthy for some of the tastiest vinyl samples ever, but Gazzo takes our focus back to the beat in his remix. A bouncing interlude leads to a break that cordons off the clap backtrack and vocal samples for us to admire, and the whole thing is magical. Grab the free download and enjoy!

By Edward Fancher


Smoking Section: "Contact High" - Pries (Official Video)

A warm hello to all my ganja associates - I got another great piff-puffin' song for all of you. So all I ask from you is to smoke them trees listen to some Pries, and as the song says, get high. Produced by KOUNTDOWN with a seamless sampling of Telepopmusik's "Breathe," Pries' “Contact High” certainly has the same affect as a real contact high, that one you encounter when chillin' with your boys and some ladies, from that 24/7 hot boxed dorm freshman year. It's that high you get when your boy clears that bong of bright green exotic and you feel the hit before he does. So sit back, chillax, and toke up this sticky-sweet new track.

By James Sheedy

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