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Track of the Day: "Video Siren" (Original Mix) - Gary Beck

This was absolutely the unofficial anthem of Movement 2013. Gary Beck's latest dominated the main stage at least twice when Dave Clarke dropped it the first day followed by Dubfire sunday afternoon. Truncate, among others brought the video sirens to the depths of the Underground stage making the track seem like it was on some kind of drunken repeat throughout the whole weekend. But no one was complaining, when it comes to Techno less is more and this is one of the headiest, stripped-out tracks of the summer. 

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher


Free Set Download: Drumcell @ Movement Detroit

The third day of DEMF was no doubt an interesting experience. Unlike Saturday and Sunday the skies were overcast from the moment we got to Hart Plaza. Those clouds slowly turned into torrential downpour closer to the night's end with John Digweed playing a soaked Techno set riverside to the hardcore fans at the Beatport Stage. Despite the bad weather Memorial Day had a huge attendance and the promoters were not about to let that go to waste (after all, "Detroit Hustles Harder"). From the moment the light started fading over Motown the bass and the volume were turned way up to compensate for the rain's drag on the collective energy. The only stage to stay warm and dry throughout most of the day was to head to the 24 hour twilight of the Underground Stage. The concrete surrounding the crowd from all angles reverberating the most incapacitating bass I've heard anywhere. The entire underground resounded an uncontrollable rumble that connected us all through the dark Techno sounds that crawled through our nerves from our toes to our stomachs.

One word comes to mind when trying to describe Drumcell's mix for the urban dance mecca: cutting-edge. As a sound engineer and one of Southern California's leading Techno crusaders, Moe Espinosa has been pushing the bounds of technological advances at the forefront of homemade hardware solutions since the turn of the millennium. After only a few minutes Underground with Drumcell I could tell that there was something special going on: jarring, loud, and aggressive Techno, all without the slightest hint of filler. Giving the set another listen last night, I immediately recognized the progression at 40:00 lighting up the faces and strides of everyone on the floor, so if you want a quick taste of what he has to offer skip to that. After close to an hour in the confines of the dungeon my ears sadly couldn't take it anymore (I've never had that problem before). Enjoy the entire set which we uploaded available for free download above, just please do us all a favor and play this at a decent volume!

By Edward Fancher


Free Download: Stacey Pullen at Movement Detroit

There's a lot of things to be learned from the experience of a lifetime that went down this past weekend at Detroit's Hart Plaza. I'll be delving into those in a full review of the festival later this week, but for now take a listen to one of my favorite mixes from the weekend.


Detroit's own Stacey Pullen's murderous set was my first proper mainstage Techno experience and made me fall in love with everything about the city and the people I experienced it with. Filled to the brim with everyone from little kids dressed as Spiderman to reckless youth and white collar workers, the amphitheater set off with the deepest, most futuristic grooves that had ever penetrated my ears. In every corner of the floor there was a dance battle unfolding as people formed circles and surrendered together to the unbelievable rhythms.

Speakers were situated in a true 360 fashion from the banisters overlooking the stage all the way back to the raised ledges and down to every possible corner of the floor. The rumbling bass was something I never hope to forget after this weekend, and a reminder that to enjoy this music right it's gotta be loud! Enjoy and grab the free download!

By Edward Fancher

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