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"On Off Lazer Beams" (Eric Prydz Mashup) - Cirez D vs. Green Velvet & Harvard Bass

We heard nothing but rave reviews from the members of our team that were lucky enough to be in Toronto for the inaugural Canadian Sensation held Saturday at Rogers Centre in Toronto. The ballpark seemed like the perfect venue to deck out with lasers, jellyfish, and volcanic structures spewing CO2 - if you saw any pictures from the night you'd know that it was massive, much bigger than the event's first North American landing last fall at Barclays Center in NYC. Unfortunately the night's two biggest stars (Fedde le Grand & Eric Prydz) didn't record their full sets, but we were lucky enough to get this awesome mashup that you may have heard at EDC NY as well that makes me really sad I wasn't able to go this weekend. Green Velvet (Curtis Jones) & Harvard Bass' tune has that old Chicago House sound even though it just came out - the perfect canvas for the dark side of Prydz to come out as Cirez D. Shoutout to Daniel Smallman from Ontario for recreating the mashup for us!


By Edward Fancher


Free Set Download: Drumcell @ Movement Detroit

The third day of DEMF was no doubt an interesting experience. Unlike Saturday and Sunday the skies were overcast from the moment we got to Hart Plaza. Those clouds slowly turned into torrential downpour closer to the night's end with John Digweed playing a soaked Techno set riverside to the hardcore fans at the Beatport Stage. Despite the bad weather Memorial Day had a huge attendance and the promoters were not about to let that go to waste (after all, "Detroit Hustles Harder"). From the moment the light started fading over Motown the bass and the volume were turned way up to compensate for the rain's drag on the collective energy. The only stage to stay warm and dry throughout most of the day was to head to the 24 hour twilight of the Underground Stage. The concrete surrounding the crowd from all angles reverberating the most incapacitating bass I've heard anywhere. The entire underground resounded an uncontrollable rumble that connected us all through the dark Techno sounds that crawled through our nerves from our toes to our stomachs.

One word comes to mind when trying to describe Drumcell's mix for the urban dance mecca: cutting-edge. As a sound engineer and one of Southern California's leading Techno crusaders, Moe Espinosa has been pushing the bounds of technological advances at the forefront of homemade hardware solutions since the turn of the millennium. After only a few minutes Underground with Drumcell I could tell that there was something special going on: jarring, loud, and aggressive Techno, all without the slightest hint of filler. Giving the set another listen last night, I immediately recognized the progression at 40:00 lighting up the faces and strides of everyone on the floor, so if you want a quick taste of what he has to offer skip to that. After close to an hour in the confines of the dungeon my ears sadly couldn't take it anymore (I've never had that problem before). Enjoy the entire set which we uploaded available for free download above, just please do us all a favor and play this at a decent volume!

By Edward Fancher


Free Download: Stacey Pullen at Movement Detroit

There's a lot of things to be learned from the experience of a lifetime that went down this past weekend at Detroit's Hart Plaza. I'll be delving into those in a full review of the festival later this week, but for now take a listen to one of my favorite mixes from the weekend.


Detroit's own Stacey Pullen's murderous set was my first proper mainstage Techno experience and made me fall in love with everything about the city and the people I experienced it with. Filled to the brim with everyone from little kids dressed as Spiderman to reckless youth and white collar workers, the amphitheater set off with the deepest, most futuristic grooves that had ever penetrated my ears. In every corner of the floor there was a dance battle unfolding as people formed circles and surrendered together to the unbelievable rhythms.

Speakers were situated in a true 360 fashion from the banisters overlooking the stage all the way back to the raised ledges and down to every possible corner of the floor. The rumbling bass was something I never hope to forget after this weekend, and a reminder that to enjoy this music right it's gotta be loud! Enjoy and grab the free download!

By Edward Fancher


Detroit Movement Spotlight: Carl Craig

Besides providing electronic music fans an opportunity to enjoy some of their favorite artists in a beautiful setting, Movement has always had another equally important purpose: celebrating the roots of Techno in its birthplace of Detroit. As electronic music is becoming more and more popular, celebrating the individuals who helped shape the trajectory that led to what we have today is something we cannot do enough of. One of those original innovators is Carl Craig. Together with the Belleville Three (Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May), he was one of the innovators and driving forces behind the futuristic Detroit Techno sound. In addition to spreading his love of electronic music across the world, Carl has also been an outstanding ambassador for the city of Detroit. As co-creator of the original Detroit Electronic Music Festival, he’s worked tirelessly to preserve my city's underground electronic music scene for future generations to enjoy.

Carl Craig's set at Movement 2013 is scheduled for 7 p.m. next Saturday at the Red Bull Music Academy stage. He’s been known to put on some incredible live shows in the past at the festival, and this year is sure to be no exception. If there's any artist who is a must see for me next weekendit's Carl Craig, and EDM Lounge will be there in full force celebrating everything he's done for Movement and the movement. One day passes are still available for $49, so there's no reason not to make it out!

Tickets Still On Sale

Full Artist Lineup

By Jack Ulrich

Follow me on Twitter: @AnjunaPLUR


Free Download: Seapunk Gang Holy Rave Mix

So underground that it's underwater, Sea Punk Gang brings us today their "HOL¥ RAVE" mix created for Vice Italy. The marine collective run by DJs Giad and Chiamu keeps it wavy with an hour long mix of tech-rave flavors from the future. Exploring the Sea Punk Gang genre wave with Trap, bass and 90s House sounds, this 30 track playlist includes remixes by Girl Unit, Cashmere Cat and an absolutely insane remix from Grabiell of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl." The broadcast is an avant-garde selection of new discoveries like nothing you've ever heard before, unless you've tuned into their monthly "HOL¥ RAVE" mixes before. Don't be afraid to get submerged into this super techno mix that is straight dope, and available for free download!


1) Fatima al qadiri - How can I resist u ( Girl Unit remix)
2) 5skinandbone5 - Matrixxfuck
3) PIPES - No tea
4) Barker & Baumacker - Crows (Blawan remix)
5) Blawan - Why they hide their bodies under my garage
6) Nobel - 93768
7) Blawan - And both his sons
8) Kingdom - Fuckin' jaker
9) Le1f - Soda ( Mikeq & Dvioli s'vere daughter's Ha Remix)
10) Samo sound boy & Floyd campbell - 12 MIN
11) Star slinger - Ladies in black (Nadus remix)
12) Say dubai - Bum (Sam tiba remix)
13) Dj funeral - Last Breakfast
14) High powered Boys sa - Streetwise
15) Samo sound boy - Watch me ride
16) Hot city - Buggin' out (Unknown to the unknown remix)
17) Wheez ie - What u want
18) Wheez ie - I miss huston summer
19) Swizzymack - M.A.A.D.
20) Doorly - Rush ( Lenkems remix)
21) Trapmaster - Flufftrap
22) 618 - Freak you
23) Sibot - No question
24) Gabriell - Hollaback girl
25) Lockah - Please lockah don't hurt them
26) Benzel - Fallin' love (Cashmere cat remix)
27) Dj seduction - So in love (Vibes remix) (Lockah refix)
28) Evil nine - Black brad pitt (Gesaffelstein remix)
29) Marky mark and the funky bunch - Good vibration (Bodhi remix)
30) How to dress well - & it was u ( Elite Gymnastics remix)

By Easton Croson

Follow me on Twitter: @RaveNative

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