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Three Charged With Stabbing at SHM UK Show

If you don't remember, the show from the "Don't You Worry Child" music video was also struck by a wave of violent stabbings that left some people wounded. It's been almost a year since Swedish House Mafia took the Milton Keynes Bowl in England by storm but three have finally been charged for the knife party that ensued. The three men of 24, 25, and 29 were arrested in Liverpool on the 15th of November four months after the incident and are now on bail awaiting trial on the 15th of May. Let us all take this as a reminder to always be aware of our surroundings, even if security at these festivals is tight and everyone appears to be our friend. 

By Edward Fancher


Swedish House Mafia's Tour Manager Speaks Out at IMS Engage

The faces of dance music may be male, but a lot of the biggest drivers of the industry remain women who are masters of their craft behind the scenes. Yesterday Amy Thomson, manager to Swedish House Mafia spoke on the floor of the IMS Engage conference in Hollywood alongside Diplo who started quite a ruckus with DJ Bl3nd for having bought fake facebook likes. She had some rather uninteresting comments on how oversaturation in the US was frightening, saying "the way America has grabbed Electronic music will actually kill it." She went on to address the future plans of two of its members: "Sebastian and Axwell are creating a new brand called Departures, launching at Ushuaia in June. We’ve got a great group of DJs joining us for summer. All of them have big records on the runway. We have studio time booked in the fall. We’ve got some really interesting songwriters." But the big shock of the night was her bombshell response to a reporter's question regarding an SHM reunion: "We’re going to have a break, we’ve been on the road for three years. We’re going to try to be graceful moving forward, and I've genuinely got no fucking clue when the reunion tour is." Let me just say we knew "One More Tour" was coming, and we will not be attending. 

In the Mix

By Edward Fancher 


Ultra Music Festival 15 Weekend 1: How It Really Went Down

From the moment I entered the festival Friday I was already impressed with the improvements from last year. The layout was much easier to walk through and the UMF Worldwide stage next to the MegaStructure wasn't cramped. The lines weren't very long to get in except for a few hours on Friday and the staff was very helpful. After getting in around 7 Friday we tried to catch some of the only Trance on the lineup with Markus Schulz and Dash Berlin. Both played fairly Progressive playlists for the short set duration. The sound in the stage was kind of off and not quite loud enough though, which was one of my only complaints the entire weekend. 

One of the best sets of the entire weekend without a doubt goes to John Digweed who had me and everyone else in the MegaStructure grooving hard. I really want to know what he played because looking back it was a classic example of what a dance music show should feel like, everyone dancing together instead of being cramped up waving their hands at the DJ. Carl Cox followed up by keeping the energy really high with a monster set of heavy Tech and left everyone exhausted.

I myself had to see Swedish House Mafia close just because of all the hype surrounding the "One Last Tour." I have to say that their set Friday was not just mediocre but quite disappointing overall, and very exposing to say the least. The crowd was packed but not moving like crazy, which isn't a great sign for any DJ. The visuals were nothing special considering what they had to work with and I left the festival with a false impression of what was to come the next two days.

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"ID" - Steve Angello + Matisse & Sadko

Matisse & Sadko first got recognized last year with their hugely acclaimed "Beating of My Heart" remix for M-3OX, which we first featured on the site back at the end of May. After having it picked up by the three Swedes to appear on their Until Now compilation album, the song found the height of Progressive House fame it well deserved. If you were at Madison Square Garden last night for the SHM's final farwell to the island of Manhattan, you probably knew most of the tracks they sampled. Even if you have seen the three at their shows around the country from San Francisco to LA, you may recall hearing this in their set. Remaining the only ID these three are spinning this Spring season, Angello + Matisse & Sadko's original collaboration is a shaking bigroom mix with some Electro vibes and amped-up energy you all need to hear before the explosion in Miami!

And check out this video of last night if you weren't there...

By Edward Fancher


"One" - Swedish House Mafia (A Capella Version)

This guy is my new obsession. As if EDM wasn't enough of an internet sensation on its own, this dude Aaron decides to make his own version of dance music using only his voice. WUT. Who knew that it was even possible, and if it could even be done well? This vocalist proves us both wrong, and slaps us in the face.

Someone hook this up to the subs and see if the crowd goes harder than if you spun the original. Be sure to check out his other covers of "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites," "Bass Cannon," "I Can't Stop," and of course "Levels" (only if you really want to we're not going to link it).

By Anne Chang

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