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Track of the Day: "Teardrops" (Original Mix) - Super8 & Tab

To be honest with you I thought this was a new Above & Beyond track when I first heard it, and that's definitely a compliment. The reviews on this one seemed to be mixed, especially considering how turned off some Trance fans are at the way the sound is changing. "Teardrops" doesn't have the normal composition you'd pin on Super8 & Tab, but that's not a bad thing. These guys have been around through the thick and thin and never lost their versatility. With the evolution of "Trouse" (if you call it that) comes a lot of haters, but also a lot of opportunities for beautiful pieces of art like this. A+ in my book.

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Arc" - Tritonal & Super8 & Tab

If you aren't part of the Trance Family yet, you will be after hearing this track! A simple but catchy melody paired with uplifting Arty-style Anjuna-breaks will put a smile on any ravers face. I caught this one on TATW 448 which makes me even more upset that the A&B's final broadcast will be for 450 this week in India. Super8 & Tab and Tritonal have long had a strikingly happy & progressive sound of their own, which I'm sure you'll recognize after riding this "Arc."  

By Edward Fancher


"Black Is the New Secret" - Oceanlab vs. Super8 & Tab (Tritonal Mashup)

EDM is still currently dominated by the Europeans (in the best possible way ever!), so it’s refreshing when an artist so close to home emerges and can hold their own with the best of the Swedes and Dutch. Tritonal, hailing from Austin, TX, does just this. Releasing their debut album Piercing the Quiet in 2011, Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed have been at work nonstop, releasing remix after remix and mashup after mashup. Here, the talented progessive trance duo takes two trance monsters and smashes them together, with their own twist, to create one beautiful piece of happiness. The only thing I can say is: “Happy Friday!”

Download the full mashup bundle here.

By Michael Arnold
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