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"Turn It Up" (Tchami Remix) - Mercer

2013 was the year the French guys pushed this future House sound through speakers around the country and told us to "Turn It Up." Now we get a feeling this year's going to be all about that funky, groovy drive. And don't call it "Deep House" - Tchami, peeling off the tense edge of fellow Frenchman Mercer's original, adds in a distinct, carefree vibe to create a record that is truly a step beyond that label. Grab your download of one of Spinnin Records' more unique tracks now.

By Edward Fancher


"Trombone" (Original Mix) - Flippers

The trombone doesn't get a role in its fair share of electronic tracks, and other than in the glitchy productions of Pretty Lights and the like the entire horn section is vastly underused. I'm not much for "festival anthem" Electro House but the Israeli duo known as Flippers have pulled this one off well. The melody is honey for your ears and the breaks will have any massive crowd bouncing, though I do wish they had incorporated the horn into the drop. Grab your copy from Spinnin' Records January 20th!

Alternative (YouTube)

By Edward Fancher


Preview: "Spell" - Leon Bolier

I can guarantee that you'll cast any doubts aside as to how powerful this new track is once you hear it on high wattage subwoofers. Though Leon Bolier has soared to prominent rankings in international DJ polls for his Trance compositions, he is after all a classically trained musician, and today he's here to make Electro House his bitch. Turn up the decibels on this frenetic encantation and soak in it before you hear it take over arena floors.

By Edward Fancher


"After Dark" (Nom de Strip Remix) - Style of Eye & Tom Staar

Let me be the first to say that I was a huge fan of the original club mix by Style of Eye and Tom Staar.  "After Dark" was my early spring jam and something everyone could enjoy with its great progressive house/pop melody over a subtle Teched-out beat. Now that it's summer time and I'm back in NYC, I'm always looking for the hard hitters: the ones that I can hear at clubs and lose it all night to. Leaving the soft components of the melody with the vocals that I love, Nom de Strip strips it down into scratching Electro perfection, paints on some drum work and intensity to the build up, unveiling a track that's made to make you dance for days. Watch out for this Canadian powerhouse as he keeps crashing the Electro party!

Out now on Beatport!

By Jesse Silverman


Preview: "Animals" - Martin Garrix

It couldn't have been easy to keep his identity as the producer of this track under wraps but Martin Garrix finally came out from behind the curtain as the hands behind Spinnin's latest banger. The track was uploaded as a teaser to the label's channel earlier in the month only to receive massive praise and loads of speculation. Hot off the release of several collabs with everyone from veteran Sidney Samson to newcomer Julian Jordan, Garrix made it clear today that he was after the solo action and attention. In an industry where bangers are a dime a dozen it takes a lot to really get noticed but this will definitely get the job done. We'll update you when the original mix is released.

By Edward Fancher