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Track of the Day: "Pump It Up" (Club Mix) - Spencer & Hill

Today you guys are in for some Electro House with a kick! German hard-hitters Spencer & Hill give us a beating with "Pump It Up," a banger that gets going with an epic synth-organ buildup that drops hard. With intense fading basslines and a deep distorted kick that recalls Hardstyle, these two nourish us with a unique energy of pure adrenaline. This is an urgent plea to all DJs to please include this in their next sets or podcasts because it will kill it. I wouldn't be surprised if this made it onto Club Life or Dark Light Sessions. Turn up the temp and dance people!

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Just Dance Now" - Spencer & Hill (LA Riots Remix)

This is some fresh, bumping Electro House! LA Riots manages to improve on the original banger by the German producer-duo Spencer & Hill by blurring the lines between drum & bass, techno, and electro house. Spencer & Hill have latey been tearing up the EDM charts with their smash hits "Yeah Yeah Yeah," which held a spot at the top of the Beatport charts as well as many European Dance charts. Check it out party people!!!

By Edward Fancher