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Zedd Releases "Spectrum" Extended Mix

Since featuring the preview as the Track of the Day the last week of May we have been eagerly awaiting the full track, but luckily Zedd has finally released the extended version of "Spectrum" ft. Matthew Koma. This is one Electro House banger that's definitely fist-pump worthy. Soft airy vocal breakdowns lead to a driving build up, and drops that will get you jumping up and down. In the words of Zedd himself, "SUMMER + THIS = OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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By Joe Walker


Track of the Day: "Spectrum" - Zedd ft. Matthew Koma (Preview)

Zedd is back with the first hot new Electro House single off his new album "Spectrum," set to be released June 4th. After recent successes with his singles "Shotgun," Zedd is sure to take over the EDM world with his upcoming work. "Spectrum" is notably more melodic than most of the tracks he has put out in the past, but that isn't a problem. Beautifully layering Matthew Koma's smooth vocals over a synthy progression, "Spectrum" is a soft Electro House track -- but that's not to say there isn't a drop. And a heady one at that. Enjoy.

By Edward Fancher

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