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Fresh Crazy Track "Dirty Sexy" off of Rusko's New Album 

This awesome new track is fresh off the press from Rusko's newest album Songs, released March 26. This is one of my main jams right now. The vocals work nicely, and the track is still dirty while being a little more palatable to someone just getting into the dubstep genre. All together Rusko impresses with this hot new track by showing his talent at blending pop vocals with dirty bass. 

By Sara Landry


Sick New House Single "Molly" from Cedric Gervais

This new track by house master Cedric Gervais has nice, heavy beats and a great melody.

Plus the lyrics are hilarious: "Do you know where I can find Molly? She makes my life happier. More exciting. She makes me want to dance. Please help me find Molly."

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Track of the Day 4/10/12 - History of the Future (Camo & Krooked)

The UKF Drum and Bass duo Camo & Krooked wowed me with their amazing rhythms at their unfortunately small stage at Ultra this year, and this is one track that is representative of that sound. 

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