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Three Charged With Stabbing at SHM UK Show

If you don't remember, the show from the "Don't You Worry Child" music video was also struck by a wave of violent stabbings that left some people wounded. It's been almost a year since Swedish House Mafia took the Milton Keynes Bowl in England by storm but three have finally been charged for the knife party that ensued. The three men of 24, 25, and 29 were arrested in Liverpool on the 15th of November four months after the incident and are now on bail awaiting trial on the 15th of May. Let us all take this as a reminder to always be aware of our surroundings, even if security at these festivals is tight and everyone appears to be our friend. 

By Edward Fancher


Swedish House Mafia's Tour Manager Speaks Out at IMS Engage

The faces of dance music may be male, but a lot of the biggest drivers of the industry remain women who are masters of their craft behind the scenes. Yesterday Amy Thomson, manager to Swedish House Mafia spoke on the floor of the IMS Engage conference in Hollywood alongside Diplo who started quite a ruckus with DJ Bl3nd for having bought fake facebook likes. She had some rather uninteresting comments on how oversaturation in the US was frightening, saying "the way America has grabbed Electronic music will actually kill it." She went on to address the future plans of two of its members: "Sebastian and Axwell are creating a new brand called Departures, launching at Ushuaia in June. We’ve got a great group of DJs joining us for summer. All of them have big records on the runway. We have studio time booked in the fall. We’ve got some really interesting songwriters." But the big shock of the night was her bombshell response to a reporter's question regarding an SHM reunion: "We’re going to have a break, we’ve been on the road for three years. We’re going to try to be graceful moving forward, and I've genuinely got no fucking clue when the reunion tour is." Let me just say we knew "One More Tour" was coming, and we will not be attending. 

In the Mix

By Edward Fancher 


EDM, Al Waser, and the Horseshit Grammy Awards

Okay so before I really begin delving in to this subject, I just want to say FUCK YOU GRAMMYS. Now down to business. All of us here at EDM Lounge are ecstatic about the increase of EDM artists represented in the nominations this year. The revolution is really sweeping the globe! However, it is common knowledge that once a good thing gets snatched up by the mainstream, the corporate suit will just rip it apart and turn it in to another contrived industry based on political favors and overdone marketing.

The feature example this year: Al Waser. Who the fuck is Al Waser and why is his music so terrible and why was he nominated for Best Dance Recording? We’re still waiting for the tight-lipped Grammy executives to break their "no-comment" streak on this. (Huge props to our friend Mr. EDM Snob for his original expose article). The music video for his "Grammy-Nominated record" had only 20 views prior to his posting....

While the music business and entertainment industries have always been one of the slimiest (trust us on this one), this is an all-time low. The purpose of the Grammy Awards is no longer to serve as a litmus paper that distinguishes between poor and high quality music, but as a political tool used to serve the rich and the powerful. I don’t know how much Al Waser paid or whose D he had to suck, but one thing is clear: he did not make it on to that list because of his musical abilities. Just look at his contenders...

Avicii ("Levels"): This one makes me want to eat my own ears, but it was a good song before it got so much airplay, and Avicii himself is an undeniably good producer - love him or hate him. 

Calvin Harris ("Let's Go"): internationally respected in both production and as a DJ, he's a genius who’s had numerous platinum hits this year already. 

Skrillex ("Bangarang"): Oh come on, don’t deny it. Everybody loves Skrilly (except my editor). After all, he's one of the pioneers that even made it possible for EDM to become a main component of the Grammys. Plus he already has 3 of those trophies on his shelf.

Swedish House Mafia ("Don't You Worry Child"): Legends. I hate to biased, but us here at EDM Lounge think that SHM is a shoo-in for the award this year.

...That is, if Al Waser doesn’t win.

And then there's the only category we can truly be proud of, the Remixed Recordings. The list includes Axwell's showstopping remix of Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl's "In My Mind," Photek's remix of Moby's "Lie Down in Darkness," Eric Prydz' "Midnight City" (deserves the win), Skrillex's classic remix of Nero's "Promises," and Tommy Trash's take on Deadmau5's "The Veldt."

The category for Best Dance/Electronic album is a little more reasonable. The nominees are Steve Aoki, Deadmau5, The Chemical Brothers (classic but a bit odd to see them pop up now), Kaskade, and Skrillex (again). A rather predictable list, but at least it's fair competition. And of course as EDM Lounge’s resident "Diplo chick," I’m super excited about Diplo’s nomination for best producer. If he wins, I'll give you guys my personal SnapChat username for some erotic twerktastic surprises (if you're doubting what I'm capable of just look below).

EDM and Al Waser aside, the rest of the Grammy nomination list is equally horseshit. What is the music world coming to when "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO gets nominated for Best Pop Duo Performance? I mean really, LMFAO is already embarrassing enough purely by the fact that they still exist but "Sexy and I Know It" isn’t even from 2012! It is from 2011, alongside other songs nominated this year such as “HYFR” by Drake/Lil Wayne, "Niggas In Paris" By Jay-Z/Kanye West, and "Wild Ones" by Flo-Rida & Sia.

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Review: Until Now - Swedish House Mafia

Since its conception in 2008, Swedish House Mafia has become a global EDM phenomenon.  Known for producing hit after hit, and putting on consistently epic performances, Ingrosso, Axwell, and Angello have become the faces of the mainstream Progressive House movement.  The disappointing announcement of SHM’s separation following One Last Tour has been slightly eased by today's release of Until Now, the concluding album from the trio of EDM giants. SHM has compiled their set essentials, making Until Now a 22-track house compilation for the ages. The records are intense, big room house, fitting the SHM mold perfectly. My only grievance with the album is the lack of new material. You'd expect a group with such an enormous fan base to go out with a louder bang – that would only add to the magic of One Last Tour. The "educated" house fan may know most of the tracks on the album, but you’ll surely enjoy the album nonetheless. Because there's no way to sum up the enormous year that has been 2012, without a bit of SHM.

1. "Greyhound" - Swedish House Mafia

"Greyhound" is the iconic SHM set-opener.  They’ve gotten hundreds of crowds in the palm of their hands with this track, and for good reason – it bumps.  No matter who drops it, the Mafia or others, the audience always turns to pandemonium.

2. "Here We Go" - Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes

For the project it is, “Here We Go” fits Until Now well.  The three Swedes have both supported and consistently dropped the record.  I just feel SHM missed a huge opportunity to go out with a bang – new material for One Last Tour would’ve been sick.

3. "In My Mind" - Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl ft. Georgi Kay (Axwell Remix)

In a festival setting, the synth melodies of Axwell’s In My Mind mix give you the chills.

4. "Calling" (Lose My Mind) - Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso ft. Ryan Tedder

Mentor and prodigy team up to produce a festival banger.  Simple as that.

5. "Atom / Leave the World Behind" - Nari & Milani vs. Laidback Luke vs. Swedish House Mafia

Atom is a bumpin' track with mass appeal.  Mix that with the work of SHM & Laidback Luke (Happy Birthday), and you've got a hype track for sure.

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"Beating of My Heart" - M3ox vs. The Temper Trap (SHM Bootleg)

Matisse & Sadko's remix to M3ox's "Beating of My Heart" was one of the defining Progressive House melodies of 2012, a definite Track of the Day back in May. Clean, airy, and uplifting, Matisse & Sadko's remix erupted on festivals across the nation. We have been eagerly listening to Swedish House Mafia's massive Until Now compilation which comes out next Monday, and this is a definite highlight track. Ingrosso's bootleg was leaked on the internet a while back is finally brought to attention with its feature spot as Track 18 on the trio's final album. A masterful bootleg if we've ever heard one, The Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition" fits like a glove over the uplifting dance music anthem. Listen, love, and watch out for our review when it drops next Monday!

By Edward Fancher