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Free Download: "Silhouettes" - Avicii (Disco Fries Remix) 

The Disco Fries take Avicii's chart-topping Progressive House track "Silhouettes" and make its sound even more powerful! Maintaining the uplifting quality of the original and leaving the beautiful vocals of Salem al Fakir intact, The Disco Fries manage to turn this track on its head by creating a heavy, grooveable drop that is sure to make this remix a smash hit on dancefloors around the world! And if any of you crazy partygoers are already headed out to Vegas to go hard for Memorial Day Weekend leading up to EDC, make sure to check them at the Palms this Sunday, May 27 along with Roger Sanchez, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, and more! 

By Edward Fancher


Throwback! "Silhouettes" - Avicii ft. Salem Al Fakir

Avicii kills it with "Silhouettes," a track filled with catchy melodies, high-pitched male vocals, and heart-thumping bass. Love him or hate him, Avicii is dominating the EDM scene. Grab your girl and get your dance on to this hot spring tune before another guy does.  

By Michael Arnold