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Preview: Eric Prydz @ Roseland Ballroom NYC

Believe it or not New Yorkers, but this weekend, a once in a lifetime EDM event will be occurring right here in Manhattan. Eric Prydz, world-renowned DJ, has finally conquered his fear of flying to come to the states and put on a show for us. One of the greatest house DJs of all time, his fame has been stifled by his inability to tour internationally, but this week he will be blessing NYC with not just one, but two shows this week at famed venue Roseland Ballroom.

Originating as a Swedish Progressive House DJ, Eric Prydz has made his name known in the EDM world through his massive hits such as “Call On Me”, a sexy club banger played all around the world. Holding a place of #52 on the Top 100 DJ Mag’s List and #14 on the Top House DJs List, Eric Prydz proves that he’s earned his spot through being a musician, rather than just through cheap performance antics. While Prydz certainly masters all of his produced hits, it is not doubt to anyone who’s seen him live that he is one of the few remaining DJs who live mixes, and is damn good at it.

Just recently releasing his long-anticipated album, Pryda under Virgin Records, this album does nothing but completes Prydz’s image as a versatile DJ. Influenced mainly by Trance and Tech, this album has the perfect blend of happy go-lucky tunes and emotionally blissful songs that could bring any listener to tears. Simple and uplifting, Prydz’s style as reflected in Pryda proves to be universally appealing and an excellent listen for anyone’s music taste.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this Thanksgiving, I’m definitely thankful for Prydz and the shows that he will be giving us. Tickets are still on sale for only $40 to see a DJ that you would otherwise have to travel to Europe to see - quite a bargain on airfare if you ask me. Eric Prydz will be playing on both tonight (Thanksgiving Eve) and Saturday night also for those you returning to the city after a hearty Thanksgiving. All of you genuine ravers better make sure you come out the Roseland Ballroom at least one of these nights for such a special EDM holiday treat: to see a true EDM genius at work.

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By Anne Chang

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Review: Dirty South @ Roseland Ballroom NYC

I've been to a ton of EDM shows over the past few years, but still something amazed me about this past Saturday when Dirty South took over Roseland Ballroom on his City of Dreams tour. With Gregori Klosman and Mord Fustang accompanying, the trio mesmerized the New York City crowd along with stunning lights and aerial acrobatics until the early morning.

After a stellar set from Klosman, fast-rising Electro-glitcher Mord Fustang took to the decks of the Times Square venue as more and more EDM faithful stormed the Ballroom. His unmistakable style paired perfectly with the bass-hungry crowd, definitely setting the energy high for DS to follow. Popular original tracks "Lick the Rainbow," "The Electric Dream," and "Champloo" had the crowd jumping, as did his epic remix of "Gold" from Fussy Boy.  If you didn’t know Mord Fustang before Saturday, you left a fan.

A few ticks off 1:00 A.M. Dragan Roganović, known to most of us as Dirty South, ascended behind the turntables and sought to capture the minds of New York.  Playing the same stage that has seen EDM greats Swedish House Mafia and Deadmau5, Dirty South had to do something special that night to amaze the crowd. And he did. Abandoning his somewhat predictable set style, Dragan gave the Tri-State crowd everything he had to offer, transforming the City that Never Sleeps into a City of Dreams.

From the minute the opening notes of "Walking Alone" marked the start of his set, Dirty South left no doubt as to who owned the moment. Dragan’s set showed familiar bangers mixed in technically impressive and unique ways. Exhibit A: "Greyhound" (an iconic EDM track) mixed with his own remix of Miike Snow’s "Devil’s Work", one of my favorite DS tracks, a mix that set the crowd on fire.

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Preview: Dirty South @ Roseland Ballroom NYC

Grammy-nominated producer Dirty South will be answering the beckons of his fans on October 20th and making a grand appearance at the legendary Roseland Ballroom in NYC, a metropolis considered to be the "City of Dreams" among today’s top talent. The man’s phenomenal reputation speaks for itself, but accompanying him on his tour stop are up-and-comers Mord Fustang and Gregori Klosman.

Fustang’s claim to fame and successful establishment of his imprint Plasmapool has been attributed to his very uplifting and distinct brand of Electro House, demonstrated in works like his "Lick the Rainbow" single and "Welcome To the Future" EP. Klosman is similarly very much on the rise, having worked with major artists on the forefront of the Dirty Dutch movement like Chuckieand released a track entitled “Minibar” on the Bingo Players’ Hysteria imprint.

This will be only one momentous stop on the Serb’s biggest North American tour to date, at such an iconic venue nonetheless. DS hasn't spun among the big city masses for a while now so you want to make sure to catch him on this historical occasion, as his NYC presence alongside formidable support like Mord and Gregori will have the makings to amount to one of his most unforgettable shows to date.

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By Kiren Srinivasan

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Review: Shpongle at Roseland Ballroom

I first saw Shpongle live a few months ago around Halloween, and they gave a crazy circus-type show I would never forget, so I was eager to hear what Simon Posford would be like as a one-man show at Roseland Ballroom on 4/20. If you haven’t heard of them before, their music is a combination of what I would like to call ambient sounds from different cultures and types of music all mashed together and synthesized, producing a sound Simon Posford has even said himself that “no one has ever heard before.” 

The show started out with Phutureprimitive however I was late, so I only caught EOTO preforming their final few songs. They played amongst what looked like digital flower petals surrounding them, which would change color and display various types of visuals for the audience. At one point, every petal turned into an eye, sending an eerie vibe throughout the show, almost as if a creature with a thousand eyes were watching your every move. 

They put on a good show, but I was eager to hear Shpongle, so I meandered amongst the crowd. It seemed as if the entirety of the crowd, both young and old, had come together to celebrate the “holiday” and enjoy the different vibes each band sent out while they played. Nevertheless, the crowd was energetic.

Finally, at around 1 AM, Shpongle finally came on and made his appearance. From the first note that he played, everyone went crazy. Simon Posford stood on a pedestal in the middle of various screens, which splattered extremely vibrant colors and shapes throughout the whole show. My eyes were glued, as the patterns seemed to consistently flow, creating psychedelic shapes that danced to the music. His music never stopped playing, creating an intense connection between the listener and the observer, Simon Posford himself and the good vibes within the crowd.

He played a great selection of tracks, which were mostly upbeat, but included a few ones to let the crowds have a little downtime. From the song "Dorset Perception," which has a Spanish vibe, to his most popular song, "Divine Moments of Truth," Shpongle knew how to get the crowd pumped.

Next time Shpongle rolls through anywhere close to you, I would highly recommend you buy a ticket and go listen to them live. Shpongle is able to give their listeners a mind boggling show with beautiful visuals and an ambient sound no other type of band, or man has yet been able to reproduce; a show I would say is definitely worth seeing. 

Review By Liz Ibarra