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"Rise Again" (Las Salinas Remix) - Ronski Speed ft. Lucy Saunders

The darker side of booming arena sized Trance pays us a nice visit with Israeli duo Las Salinas' remix for Ronski Speed. Stifling slips and slides of bass ease you into Lucy Saunders' anthemic vocal play, cracking back at you like a whip with her echoing calls. Ferociously the section breaks with sirens blaring behind the spiraling tempo, summoning the children of the night back to the floor. While I love the floating airy Euphonic sound that uplifts you in the original, this masterful remix is ready to have a crowd of any size boiling over. Grab your copy of the remix EP today, including a remix by Omnia and Maor Levi.

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By Edward Fancher

"Pink Skye" (Toby Hedges Remix) - Ronski Speed & Syntrobic ft. Renee Stahl

Toby Hedges has really set the bar high with this new remix of "Pink Skye." While listening to Above & Beyond's Group Therapy, I was mesmerized by this track and instantly had to search for the tracklist. "Pink Skye" features samples of the breathtaking and haunting vocals performed by Renee Stahl and the remix combines some old school Trance mixed with new age club beats to make one of the best Anjunabeats remixes in a while. This remix leaves me with uplifted spirits and was a much-needed stress reliever for me during finals - grab it on its release May 20th!

By Sierra Rose


Free Set Downloads: ASOT 600 Madrid

I'm sure you all are still recovering from yesterday's steamy Valentine's No Pants Trance Party. The first stage of The Expedition still has us all here at the Lounge on a high that we'll not be coming down from soon. The first installment of ASOT 600 was a musical journey for the books, and one that needs to be relived, or at least appreciated if you missed its live air yesterday. Below are all of yesterday's sets. Personally, I think Giuseppe Ottaviani and Lange absolutely murdered it. Armin rolled up his sleeves and churned out two very impressive sets.

Armin (Warm-Up Set)

Alexander Popov


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"Pink Skye" - Ronski Speed & Syntrobic ft. Renee Stahl

My energy is starting to flow, and after tomorrow I don't think I'll be able to sleep. Anjunabeats is about to hit the big city like a meteor, set to incinerate Midtown with silky beats and long milky Trance lines that you'll drown in. Ronski Speed has been making moves on the label lately, with his "Sanity" Dub Mix set for release on the forthcoming Volume 10 compilation. This dreamy vocal track is even newer though, and if watching A&B's current tour videos holds to be accurate, you may hear them drop it. The stakes are high this weekend, I for one have never anticipated a single show more than this one. One thing is for sure, Saturday night we unite at Roseland Ballroom. Saturday night we all get lost in the music together!

By Edward Fancher


"Sanity" (Dub Mix) - Ronski Speed [Anjunabeats Vol. 10]

What I find most interesting about the House vs. Trance vs. "Trouse" debate is that it really misses the point. A lot of vocal tracks that many people consider emblems of Trance music are nothing more than Pop with a lot of buildup and a Progressive break. To me Trance isn't a formula, it's the effect the music has on you when it's played. Dubstep for example will make you cringe and mosh like you were at a death metal show, Progressive will have you smiling, singing along, and going crazy. Trance on the other hand is a complex animal, which is why it's so misunderstood. For me at least, it centers you within your mind, making time go in slow motion. The music will shake the walls around you and leave you floating within a milky haze of long chords and deep basslines. Listening to Trance is a process of mass-meditation on the dance floor, and a truly fulfilling one. I honestly could count the number of "brands" within dance music that I'm truly loyal to on one hand, and Anjunabeats without a doubt takes a spot. With the help of some of the most brilliant DJs of human history, it has blossomed into a mainstay for music like I just described, a constantly curated roster of producers and spinners like Ronski Speed who are committed to generating a particular feeling in their music rather than sticking to a compositional formula. I hope 2013 will be the year Trance music picks up the slack and becomes what it was created to be - an escape from the menacing world into the universal abyss of infinite love and infinite mystery. I for one am ready for the journey, are you?

By Edward Fancher