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Track of the Day: "Demons" - Sleigh Bells (Diplo Remix)

Diplo's new remix of Sleigh Bells' song “Demons” is an amazing blend of rock n' roll and dubstep. The song caught my attention instantly with the powerful vocals of Alexis Krauss. Soon after followed a bass drop that carried an eerie synth melody that belongs in a rave. The combination of Sleigh Bells and Diplo results in one crazy electronic-infused rock song that should most definitely leave you hungry for another listen.

By Sam Friedfeld

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"When the Rain Is Gone" - Adam F and Corey Enemy VIP Mix

You may have heard the absolutely awesome original version featured as the Track of the Day, or maybe you've heard Subscape's equally impressive remix, but the re-edit of "When the Rain is Gone" by Adam F and Corey Enemy takes it to a whole new level. F and Corey change it up and make the drop nice, dark, and heavy, and I am absolutely enamored. Definitely on my pregame playlist.  This is a true rager and definitely deserves a listen.  If you want to check out different interpretations of the song, check out the Drum & Bass remix by Delta Heavy and definitely the House remix by Siege, which kills. All remixes are worth a listen - this track goes hard!

By Sara Landry
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Smoking Section: "Crew Love" - Drake ft. The Weeknd (Starslinger Jersey Refix)

We're usually not too big of a fan of Drake's work, but Starslinger manages to take "Crew Love" and turn it into a perfect smoking jam. Starslinger completely transforms this track by putting Drake's flow over the melodic and relaxing background progressions he is known for. Light up & listen! Shoutout to our main beezy with them tiggle bitties for that hilarious pic!


Bone Chilling Armada Release "Damaged" - Antillas

Antillas joins forces with beautiful vocalist Fiora, releasing their newest single "Damaged," out now on Armada Music! With bone chilling lyrics and innocent vocals, this is a house record that digs deep into the heart. The emotional context is very relatable for many. This is a track that will linger in your head and give you goosebumps down your spine!

Also make sure to check out Green & Falkner's big room remix, which will certainly "damage" the charts and dancefloors around the globe!

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By Brooke Forman

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Smoking Section: "Fuck Up the Fun" - Azealia Banks (Prod. by Diplo)

The American based producer that makes up one half of the Electro House duo Major Lazer Diplo knows how to meld hip-hop and electronic music, and this collab with "212" rap star Azealia Banks is no exception. Banks' spitting over Diplo's rhythms makes for some perfect smoking music, and we have a feeling they might want to join in. Just make sure you listen to Banks' advice and understand by the end of the track that you "don't fuck with ya bitch when the rum in her punch."

By Edward Fancher