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"Pound the Bitch" - Nicki Minaj (NC Remix)

I never thought I'd see the day that I posted a Nicki Minaj track, but this Electro House remix of "Pound the Bitch" is so awesome that I couldn't resist. NC (Nicole Chen) is an amazing model & DJ from Singapore (I love the increasing presence of female producers), and her remix makes the original more than bearable. The synth buildup progression is awesome, the vocals are great, and the drop is filled with epic Electro House filth. This is a party track for sure and I can't wait to rage to this East Coast style this weekend. Well done, NC. Well done. 

By Sara Landry

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Track of the Day: "Spectrum" - Zedd (Bogusdank & Electrode Remix)

Zedd’s hit single “Spectrum” makes a unique appearance with an unofficial drumstep remix from producers Electrode and Bogusdank. Much of Zedd’s listener-friendly electro elements are maintained, as this uptempo remix incorporates a synth melody harmonized with the original breakdown, accelerated builds, and drum punches that gives the song more bounce. The collaboration between the two producers led to one of the best remixes of this song out there, as there's hope for another collab of this proficiency in the future. To all you pregamers getting ready for a crazy weekend, pack a little punch with this energetic track somewhere on tonight's playlist!

By Kiren Srinivasan


"Octopus" - Bloc Party (RAC Mix)


There are many overlooked forms of electronic music that diverge from the typical, mainstream club/festival archetype. Founded by André Allen AnjosRAC (Remix Artist Collective) is a multi-function group which strives to deviate from the EDM norms. RAC had their official remix of "Octopus" published not even a week after Bloc Party had their official release of the original track. The remix is extremely tasteful and expands on Bloc Party’s signature track composition with its use of electro drum samples, synth melodies, electric guitar builds, and many of the original instruments.

Not only does RAC get tasked with remixing, but they are also on the forefront for recording and songwriting directed towards the film, TV, advertising & gaming industries. Notable television clients include Entourage and How To Make It In AmericaHBO being reputable for their great music licensing under the supervision of Scott Vener. RAC is only one of many examples where dance music is starting to assimilate in what have been untouched markets so far - so be on the lookout! 

By Kiren Srinivasan
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Track of the Day: "Spectrum" - Zedd (Arty Remix)

Two monumental trance artists to remix Zedd’s Beatport-topping, hit single “Spectrum.” Veteran Dutch producer Armin van Buuren effortlessly remixed the track with his new signature big room, Electro-trance sound and upbeat glitch elements, his new sound also being featured on his recent release “We Are Here To Make Some Noise.” Now young Russian trance sensation Arty remixes the track and needless to say, his production quality on this track certainly matches to that of Armin’s remix. This track is extremely palatable, light, and fun, as he implements sidechaining for a little bounce, funky basslines, subtle snare drums, beautiful synth melodies, and aggressive SHM-esque breakdowns. To all of you dance music connoisseurs, be on the look out for this prodigy in a city near you! 


By Kiren Srinivasan


Track of the Day: "Miss You Paradise" - Emma Hewitt (Shogun Remix)


One of the most beautiful and gifted vocalists standing tall in the EDM world is the lovely Emma Hewitt. This second single "Miss You Paradise" off her artist debut album Burn the Sky Down is guaranteed to make your hair stand up on end and send shivers coarsing straight down your spine. With remixes from Shogun's trance turn to the track and Morgan Page's remix for those house lovers, you're bound to be transported into the depth of the almost spoken verse lyrics, right into the impact of the heart rendering chorus. Emma Hewitt takes you into her universe and offers you the stars. She's a voice of paradise to be discovered by the world and one to be around for many years to come!

Out now on iTunes!

By Brooke Forman
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