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"Herbalist" - Chan Dizzy (Noah Issa Remix)

After gaining recognition for his killer remix of Christina Perri’s "Jar of Hearts," this Jamaican Dubstep producer has been on the rise.  Noah Issa is about to blow up.  Calling Kingston, Jamaica home, Issa has resided in NYC (previously a student at NYU Clive Davis), the UK, and currently LA, but his reggae roots are unmistakable.  His recent release, a remix of Chan Dizzy’s "Herbalist" exemplifies his bass heavy, reggae infused style.  Check him out.


By Will Payne

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Mix of the Day: Carnival Mix 2012 - Major Lazer

Switch may have left Major Lazer, but Diplo has shit on lock. If you're a fan of reggae and dancehall, you're in for a treat with this hour-and-ten-minute mix that samples over sixy four tracks! With an abundance of dirty jungle dance rhythm with the help of Vybz Kartel, and more, Major Lazer kills it with this tropical upbeat mix.


2. RDX-Jump (Major Lazer Dub) 
3. Swappi-Bubble On A DJ 
4. Vybz Kartel-Half On A Baby (Dubble Dutch Remix) 
5. Vybz Kartel-Bubble Hard 
6. Busy Signal-How You Bad So 
7. Ele-Wine Pon (Major Lazer) 
8. Mrs. Dynamite-Sweat Thru (Diplo) 
9. Mr. Vegas-Bruk It Down (Walshy Fire x So Shifty Remix) 
10. Popcaan-Body Good (So Shifty Remix) 
11. Skit-Guyana Rude Boy 
12. Busy-Doggystyle (Schlachthofbronx) 
13. Vybz Kartel-Wire Fence 
14. Mr. Vegas-Tun Up 
15. Vybz Kartel Ft Tina Nunnezz-Bubble 

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Smoking Section: "School // Another Face" - Aer

Aer brings a chill reggae, rock, rap vibe to to their music. This song features nice guitar riffs  to chill out to on a sunny summer day. Aer invites you to "Come and Get High" so watch the vid and enjoy some herb.

By Spicoli


Smoking Section: "Bowl for Two" - The Expendables

Well it's that magical time again folks, and today we have a stoner love song that will melt your lungs and heart alike. The Expendable's "Bowl for Two" is a classic reggae jammer that's sure to mellow out any environment you play it in. So grab some Coronas, find that special female toker, and sit by the pool and bump this jam while you pack your bowl for two.

By Joe Walker


Stunning Animation for the Awesome New Track "Get Free" - Major Lazer ft. Amber

This amazing new track, produced by the reggae-influenced electro house duo Major Lazer, features melodic progressions and beautiful vocals from Amber (of Dirty Projectors). The DJ duo, which consists of Diplo and Switch, always impresses with both their harder dancehall-infused tracks and with their trance-like electro vocal tracks. The video, a piece of art, is equally impressive for its meticulously done animations and vibrant colors.

We can't wait to hear some dirty remixes of this track! 

Download "Get Free" for free

By Joe Walker