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Smoking Section: "Wild For the Night" - ASAP Rocky ft. Skrillex

Yes I am resurrecting the Smoking Section just for this track. EDM is one of the saviors of our generation from the terrible embarassment that most rap music has become today. ASAP Rocky remains one of the lone wolves in the East Coast scene that manages to always be fresh and creative without any of that MMG bullshit. We get it: you're all fucking gangsters. Cool. Starting off with ASAP's classic low grunting that you heard in "Goldie," the track slowly drops into a spit session with Rocky complemented by Skrillex's bass chirps from "Birdy Nam Nam." Blast this one and toke up people, fuck being polite.

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Someone To Die For" - Dillon Francis & Example

Dillon Francis & Example collaborate on a track that is breathtakingly different from Francis' previous mixes. Example soaks this track in emotion and longing; it's a major change-up from the usual party vibe that Dillon Francis is known for. The song is a more laid-back, slow jam with some low bass hits and mesmerizing synths. The hip-hop lyrics are haunting, pretty dark and ultimately unforgettable. I can see this track generating some smash remixes, but in the meantime, enjoy this single while unwinding from a rave filled weekend. Dillon Francis proves that he can handle a moody, dark track with grace, but I just hope continues to release bangers and doesn't start giving a FOS anytime soon!

By Sierra Rose

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"Scumbag" - Bro Safari (Free Download)

Bro Safari, who has experimented in drum and bass and moombahton with his other monikers, is one of the champions of the growing Trap movement. Having covered the entire spectrum of bass music, Bro Safari is ushering in a new wave of Hip-Hop infused dubstep and trap that appeals to more than just the normal EDM lover.  He released a preview of his upcoming Trapstyle track “Scumbag” on his soundcloud a couple days ago which samples lyrics from Biggie Smalls' "Hold Ya Head."  This track features a bouncy lead melody and booming bass with the stereotypical spell of hi hats that is known to trapstyle. The use of the well-known Biggie Smalls lyrics gives the song a darker atmosphere and an old school feel to a new style of music. This is going to be a BIG trap track so snag this once Bro Safari releases the full version. Trap may not be my favorite genre of dance music, but there is no question about the indisputable ascent to the top this genre has experienced over the past months. I don’t think it will ever take over Progressive House or Dubstep in popularity, but trap does offer an interesting alternative to the norm. If you have seen any trap sets at any festivals or shows lately, then you will know how this type of music really gets the crowd going.   

By Tommy Carolin


Track of the Day: "Niggas in Paris" (Cazette Ash That Shit Cray Remix)

This Shit Cray. Powerhouse duo Cazzette just dropped the video of their Niggas In Paris mix, which they’ve played in almost, if not all of their recent sets. The Swedes have taken the hype original track and seamlessly blended their distinct, intense Electro House style into it.  Niggas In Paris has been said to have qualities of a dubstep track, something Cazzette made sure to attend to. As if the track isn’t hype enough, any EDM festival lover will get that reminiscent “butterflies” when watching the video, filled with footage from their EDC Vegas experience. Enjoy.

By Will Payne

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"Pound the Bitch" - Nicki Minaj (NC Remix)

I never thought I'd see the day that I posted a Nicki Minaj track, but this Electro House remix of "Pound the Bitch" is so awesome that I couldn't resist. NC (Nicole Chen) is an amazing model & DJ from Singapore (I love the increasing presence of female producers), and her remix makes the original more than bearable. The synth buildup progression is awesome, the vocals are great, and the drop is filled with epic Electro House filth. This is a party track for sure and I can't wait to rage to this East Coast style this weekend. Well done, NC. Well done. 

By Sara Landry

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