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Track of the Day: "Hearts" (Kaskade & R3hab Remix) - Dan Black ft. Kelis

Two unlikely collaborators make for an unexpected remix. Prepped for our listening "somewhere in the summer of 2012," R3hab and Kaskade's collab on Dan Black's "Hearts" showed up on the web just hours ago and it is already receiving rave reviews. This is quite an unusual sounding track but delightful nonetheless because it's all about the collision between the two artists' skillsets; Kaskade's touch shines through on vocal Progressive tracks (Kelis is a perfect candidate), and R3hab's on the climax. Together the forces bring forth truly major track that warms my soul. Blast this track from the mountaintops "'cause the heart never sleeps!"

By Edward Fancher


"I Need Your Love" (R3hab Remix) - Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding

Although this song has been out for a good amount of time, only a few solid remixes of it have popped up. Three greats in one killer track has made this song incredible. R3hab has only his remix of "I Need Your Love" online for two days and it has already hit 140,000 views so if you haven't listened yet you absolutely must. This song completely changes rises and falls of Calvin Harris' original, ups the tempo creating new build ups and breakdowns in a transfixing way that gives you chills the first round. R3hab has only been on the scene for a few years but continually packs a punch with all of his remixes that truly reinvent great songs. Grab the free download below!

Free Download

By Erika Leone


I Need R3hab: The EDM Lounge Interview

As a veteran fan, I'm not kidding when I say that you haven't gone through R3hab until you've done it in Madrid. Spinning a sick set with one of the wildest crowd at the Spanish capital's famed Joy Eslava hosted by Fabulush, R3hab blew the roof off and drenched the fans with the best champagne shower I have ever seen. Complete with naked go-go dancers and a set that ended at dawn, he proved to me that European partying was truly all the rage. Luckily, I was able to sit down with him for a chat before the chaos began. From his preference of studio equipment to his favorite performances, I hope you can all get a taste of what this man is all about.

So what was your favorite show or festival of 2012?

I can't name one, but one of my favorites was DayGlow at Governors Island. You were there right?


It was very nice because it was at night, and the last show for the season at the island. When you're up on the risers, you see all of the buildings, you get on the ferry, and it’s just an amazing atmosphere. And the fact that Governors Island is only open for 2 or 3 months, it’s very special.

I loved it too. With that being said, what show do you anticipate playing most in the 2013 season?

Ultra, main stage for sure. Hopefully the EDCs this year will be great too. Tomorrowland, definitely, and of course TomorrowWorld hopefully. I actually did a festival in 2012 called SpookFest, you’ve probably never heard of it but I did that with Benny Benassi and Calvin Harris and Datsik. I was like, “Let’s do this show” and around 20,000 people showed up! Sometimes the most amazing shows are these little things that most people haven't heard of. 

Like SoundWave in Arizona? I saw you there with Calvin Harris too!

Yes, also an amazing show, the water park was genius. It was very special because those things don't happen all the time.

Okay so here's a question for all the nerds out there, what's your studio setup like?

I actually have custom made speakers. Ableton or Cubase, I work with a PC. But at the moment, I have no hardware, I just sold all of it. On the road, it's hard to have all of it with me.

I love your signature sound with its exotic, ethnic touch. What inspires that?

It's definitely from my Arabic background. My parents are from Morocco. I'm doing a show in Morocco tomorrow actually, so maybe I’ll get some more inspiration. It's only a 2 hour flight! If you weigh less than 50 pounds, I’ll put you in my suitcase.

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Preview: "Chasing Summers" - Tiesto (R3hab & Quintino Remix)

Preview alert! We wish this were the finalized track because it's that good, but for now the Amsterdam Dance Event rip will have to do. On this one seasoned DJs R3hab and Quintino team up to hit us with a jacked remix of Tiesto's festival anthem "Chasing Summers." As an already massive production, it's great to see these two take on the classic and turn it into an explosively hot new dance track. Not only will this sweaty banger bring you back to memories of the original but will blow you away with the crazy bass and warehouse sound the duo blends into the mix. Get ready for the finished product set to drop March 5th! 

Official Preview


By Kodie-Ann Walcott


NYE Live Set Downloads: Dada Life, Armin van Buuren, & More

We're finally back from our trip to California, and let me tell you POP NYE was amazing. Since 2013 hasn't exactly had a lot of new music releases come our way, instead of the Track of the Day today I present you with some of the weekend's best live sets: all available for free download! We'll be updating this post throughout the week as more become available but for now enjoy some of the best of the last moments of 2012.

Dada Life @ Dada Land Compound Brooklyn NYC

Armin van Buuren @ Pier 36 NYC

Quintino b2b with Afrojack @ Pier 94 NYC

Tommy Trash @ Life in Color Atlantic City

Steve Aoki @ Life in Color Atlantic City

Eric Prydz @ Surrender Las Vegas

By Edward Fancher