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Track of the Day: "Epic" (Gent & Jawns Edit) - Sandro Silva & Quintino

When you slap a slick Moombah vibe on top of an already stellar smash hit you get something truly "Epic!" Gent & Jawns are no strangers to producing some of the most innovative remixes about, having tampered with Diplo's "Express Yourself" last year whilst working alongside Datsik and moombah legends Nadastrom. The pair have resurrected Sandro Silva & Quintino's anthem from last season, slowing it right down slapping the original break amongst a 110 BPM rhythm that begs to be enjoyed this summer. Grab the download!

Free Download

By Jordan Webb

Apr162013 Rips off Arty & Zo's "Rebound," Quintino & Silva's "Epic"

We all knew this guy was off his rocker to begin with, but this just goes into lawsuit territory. Just take a listen to Will's pathetic vocals over an unmixed, unchanged version of our favorite song to dance to at massives back in 2011 and you will hear a very sad man who needs help. Maybe you should listen to "Bang Bang" first before you totally lose it, where he completely rips of Quintino & Silva's "Epic," although in a much craftier way. "Rebound" is just a stolen record, so I hope Anjunabeats is cashing out on this one because they deserve it. 

"Bang Bang"

"Lets Go" ft. Chris Brown

By Edward Fancher


Preview: "Chasing Summers" - Tiesto (R3hab & Quintino Remix)

Preview alert! We wish this were the finalized track because it's that good, but for now the Amsterdam Dance Event rip will have to do. On this one seasoned DJs R3hab and Quintino team up to hit us with a jacked remix of Tiesto's festival anthem "Chasing Summers." As an already massive production, it's great to see these two take on the classic and turn it into an explosively hot new dance track. Not only will this sweaty banger bring you back to memories of the original but will blow you away with the crazy bass and warehouse sound the duo blends into the mix. Get ready for the finished product set to drop March 5th! 

Official Preview


By Kodie-Ann Walcott


"Jackpot" (Original Mix) - Quintino & Ralvero

We all know Quintino for his massive anthem "Epic" that makes for the perfect crowd energizer in any set. This time alongside producer Ralvero, he's back with another banger, and it hits the "Jackpot!" The two have crafted a thrilling track full of invigorating synths, a sick bassline, and a strange voice proclaiming the track’s title just right before the drop. This different sound from Quintino is extremely refreshing while still remaining just as high energy as any of his other songs. This latest mix definitely has its own bizarre way of "reeling" you in to want to listen to the track over and over again.

Out now on Beatport!

By Steph Perez

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EDM Lounge Interviews Quintino

Quinten van de Berg, better known as Quintino, is a House producer and DJ who's made a huge splash across the USA this year. Honing his impressive DJ skills at the young age of 18, the Dutch House producer and DJ was discovered by Laidback Luke who had been floored by his spinning capabilities. Since 2009 Q has been a huge figure in the European EDM circuit, traveling tirelessly around the continent and churning out countless records that graced the Top 40 charts in the Netherlands. This was a landmark year for the young artist, especially in these United States where he was a go-to face-melter on the Electric Daisy Carnival tour. There's something special about a DJ that can actually lure you in despite already having set up your "rave schedule," and that's exactly what Q did here at EDC at Giants Stadium in NJ, packing the Jacked tent with thousands upon thousands of oodling festivalgoers. We caught up with the young prodigy at his latest festival gig in the US that closed out the 2012 festival season, the magical Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando.  

Laryssa: I think that I can speak for many when I say that "Epic" is my favorite House anthem of the past year. What was it like finding out that it became a platinum record in Holland?

Quintino: It was sick! The funny thing is when we released it, we released it on Musical Freedom, Tiesto's label. And like, nobody, Tiesto, me, Sandro... nobody expected it to be a commercial hit, that was not the intention. It was up in the single charts, and became #1 on the selling chart, and it was like, really?! And on the official charts it went 30 - 10 - 1... it was selling as #1 in Holland. It became gold, platinum, then it went to Belgium and it was the Tomorrowland anthem and it went gold in Belgium. In Spain it became top 20, Swiss top 10... it all went really fast! In America, everyone knows the track. I was in a grocery store and I heard "Epic"... like wow!! It's sick, it's really cool.

Laryssa: What has it been like touring with Afrojack on the Jacked tour?

Quintino: Yeah, it's really good. We've known each other for a long time. We started off with a small party in Holland and we used to make music when we were young. So we're really good friends and we started off like young kids and it just got bigger and bigger and bigger. We still make music for fun, and we have parties... we're best friends so it's a good combination. 

Laryssa: Yeah, so that's gotta be fun touring with your friends!

Quintino: Yeah, of course! We do a lot of big shows, small shows. We just have the best time ever. Last week we played a college party, and it was so fun, we had the best time, and it was the best crowd. We ended up at a house party, like, 400 people in the house! We took toilet paper and took it all around the house... I think it's in the video for Afrojack's [next video], so you gotta check that out, you'll see us with the toilet paper! It's really funny!

Laryssa: What has been your favorite venue thus far or is there a particular venue you're looking forward to playing?

Quintino: Umm, that's really hard. I've got a few. In Europe, we got Queens Day that's 400,000 people in one day, it's so many people! EDC is really good, and New York. 

Laryssa: I saw that you're working on a remix for J-Lo. What can we expect that to sound like?

Quintino: Yeah, I've got a lot of things coming up. I like to do a remix for them, and I also did a remix for Tiesto with R3hab. That's coming out next week. So that's the first one to come out. 

Laryssa: I've already got my tickets for the big Jacked NYE party in New York City! Can I expect any surprises from the Jacked crew?

Quintino: Oh yeah, really! It's the first time I'm coming to America to play New Years Eve. And I've got a lot of new things coming up... a new track on Musical Freedom, a new track on Wall, I did a bootleg of M.I.A. it's gonna be an original track, I played it today. A new track called "Jackpot," a remix for Tiesto, and a remix for Eddie Thoenick. So I've got a lot of stuff that's going to be exclusive!

By Laryssa Loza

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