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High On Mel EP - Astrix

There's a distinct clash between unusual combinations in Astrix's new experiment that really pays off. Like a winding tunnel the title track takes you for a stroll far past the divisions of underground techno & Trance. With distorted speech samples echoing along with the alarms the whole song is a truly nasty trip into the shadows of perception. The Israeli producer's latest 3-track EP takes a delightful progressive spin on the normal rhythms of psy-Trance, and deserves a focused listen. The adventure is waiting.

"High On Mel"

"Genetic Lottery" (with Loud)

"Liquid Gold"

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher


Review: Shpongle at Roseland Ballroom

I first saw Shpongle live a few months ago around Halloween, and they gave a crazy circus-type show I would never forget, so I was eager to hear what Simon Posford would be like as a one-man show at Roseland Ballroom on 4/20. If you haven’t heard of them before, their music is a combination of what I would like to call ambient sounds from different cultures and types of music all mashed together and synthesized, producing a sound Simon Posford has even said himself that “no one has ever heard before.” 

The show started out with Phutureprimitive however I was late, so I only caught EOTO preforming their final few songs. They played amongst what looked like digital flower petals surrounding them, which would change color and display various types of visuals for the audience. At one point, every petal turned into an eye, sending an eerie vibe throughout the show, almost as if a creature with a thousand eyes were watching your every move. 

They put on a good show, but I was eager to hear Shpongle, so I meandered amongst the crowd. It seemed as if the entirety of the crowd, both young and old, had come together to celebrate the “holiday” and enjoy the different vibes each band sent out while they played. Nevertheless, the crowd was energetic.

Finally, at around 1 AM, Shpongle finally came on and made his appearance. From the first note that he played, everyone went crazy. Simon Posford stood on a pedestal in the middle of various screens, which splattered extremely vibrant colors and shapes throughout the whole show. My eyes were glued, as the patterns seemed to consistently flow, creating psychedelic shapes that danced to the music. His music never stopped playing, creating an intense connection between the listener and the observer, Simon Posford himself and the good vibes within the crowd.

He played a great selection of tracks, which were mostly upbeat, but included a few ones to let the crowds have a little downtime. From the song "Dorset Perception," which has a Spanish vibe, to his most popular song, "Divine Moments of Truth," Shpongle knew how to get the crowd pumped.

Next time Shpongle rolls through anywhere close to you, I would highly recommend you buy a ticket and go listen to them live. Shpongle is able to give their listeners a mind boggling show with beautiful visuals and an ambient sound no other type of band, or man has yet been able to reproduce; a show I would say is definitely worth seeing. 

Review By Liz Ibarra

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