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"Things Can Only Get Better" (Radio Edit) - Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones

Summer is fast approaching. School assignments will take a lengthy hibernation and festival season is stampeding towards us at an accelerating momentum, which means things are about to turn around. The French House machine Cedric Gervais just uploaded his radio edit for his new track with Howard Jones set for release soon on Spinnin'This one put a smile on my face, and gave me the much-needed strength to get through these last few days of finals. Remember guys, "things can only get better," so don't be scared. Much love from the Lounge!

By Matt Colner 


Track of the Day: "Lights" (5vel Remix) - Myon & Shane 54 ft. Aruna

We've spotted 5vel on the internet uploading remixes for over a year, but three days ago marked his first release in the form of an official remix for Myon & Shane 54. Aruna's vocals on "Lights" have made it one of the most sought-after songs to remix this season, with everyone from 7 Skies to Juventa stepping up to the plate to add in a club-ready 130+ Trance bassline. Tonight 5vel is here to change our prior conceptions of where the sound should carry us with a chilled-out bass remix that makes the song perfect for any 4 AM set. The Orlando producer has quite the knack for knocking down the original frame of Progressive tracks and turning them into downtempo ambient tunes with an unexpectedly powerful kick, so be sure to check out the rest of his selections on his SoundCloud. See you tonight at Webster Hall for Brite Nites with MS54!

Pull me in, take me over
Wind me up and pull me closer
Let me lose control tonight with you
Cuz my heart's on fire, my head is spinning
Round and round, I can't stop thinking
Of everything I'm dying to let you do

I wanna be born again
Wanna break you in tonight
I wanna play to win
I can't hold it in tonight
So come on let's cross to the other side
Hold on tight, just close your eyes and listen
And listen
And listen

The lights are all aglow
And all the world is waiting
So tell me can I sing to you tonight
I wanna sing to you tonight
Just let it all unload
Cuz life's so complicated
Tell me can I sing to you tonight
I wanna sing to you tonight...

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher


"Save Me" (Original Mix) - Topher Jones ft. James Bowers

While embarking on his Hello North America Tour Topher's decided to drop a track which in my mind is a little out of the ordinary. Jones’ newest track takes on a bit of a lighter feel with a melody driven by chilled-out vocals from James Bowers. The buildup is intense but misleading leading you into a Progressive break instead of the hard Electro you felt coming. I'm definitely a fan though, it's good to see something a little different out of some of these DJs once in a while. Mr. Jones still has over a month on his North American tour so make sure to check him out when he comes to your city, I know I'll be there when he hits the Big Apple!

Out now on iTunes!

By Jesse Silverman


Anjunabeats Worldwide 326 - Jaytech 

Sometimes Group Therapy just isn't enough for us to get our weekly Anjuna-fix so we tune into Worldwide. This week Australian prodigy Jaytech takes us through the lush sounds of modern dance music, varying from peak anthems to slower, melodic drifts that are waiting to be blasted from the world's biggest soundsystems. Starting out the mix with his own "Wipeout," Jaytech pushes us forward into some of the best new Progressive tracks to land on earth. The entire mix is remarkably fluid which is due entirely to his nice, tight transitions that make Electro beats and the more ambient grooves melt together. Grab the free download and enjoy!



Wipeout - Jaytech
Mirage (Jaytech Remix) - Blood Groove & Kikis
Wickham - Matt Fax
For This Moment (Fon.Leman Remix) - Peter Ilias & Ad Brown
Broadway (Matt Fax pres. Soundraw Remix) - Matt Fax
Solitued (G-Tek Vocal Remix) - Fawn & Digital Sixable
Freckles (Luiz B Remix) - Eleven.Five
Electrify - PROFF
The Way We Were (Toby Hedges Remix) - Eleven.Five
2030 A.D. (PROFF Remix) - Cramp
Starchild  - Roddy Reynaert & Sean Eryx
Whiskey Soup - Vadim Soloviev
Pyrophoric - Richie Blacker
Tempo (Flippers Remix) - Vadim Soloviev
Sky High - Vintage & Morelli
Easy (Lemaitre Remix) - Porter Robinson & Mat Zo
Valencia - Vitodito
Moments - AWD
Aldo - Norin & Rad
Trampas (Mindset Remix) - Vitodito

By Edward Fancher


Free Download: "I/O" - Steve Angello

It seems the members of the mafia have each been very busy on their own lately. The latest project from 1/3 of the trio comes from Steve Angello. Steve announced during Miami Music Week that he would be linking up with Mio Energy to launch a massive campaign giving fans access to new music by asking them to Instagram pictures capturing the energy of their nights using the hashtag #MioNights. Doing so slowly unlocked the track "I/O" that was officially released for free download just yesterday. I’m always intrigued with the projects EDM artists choose to involve themselves in, and although this partnership was kind of random, I really like the concept behind it. As for the song itself, it’s extremely refreshing to hear the technicality of Angello's sound once again on its own. The song "I/O" explores a different sound than we heard from SHM, but still brings the heat of House music all the same. Be sure to grab the free download via!

By Steph Perez

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