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Banging Progressive House: "Angels" - Adrian Lux (Ken Loi Remix)

Lux dropped his debut self-titled album earlier this year. "Angels" was a pretty nice track in the midst of the entire album, with "Teenage Crime" being the obvious favorite. Here, Ken Loi remixes this motherfucker and brings it to a whole new level! It reminds me similar to something Kaskade would put out. Upbeat, fun and progressive with killer melodies. And with recent support by Tiësto on his radio show Club Life episode 269, I'm really hoping this hot jam is given its fair shot during some sets this weekend. Super excited!

By Michael Arnold

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"Hit Me Down Sonny" - The Ting Tings (Qulinez Remix)

Qulinez is killing it this year! After releasing their breakthrough hit "Troll," which has been on heavy rotation for the past months, and our personal favorite, their remix of "A Heavy Abacus," it seems like everything these kids touch turns to gold! And "Hit Me Down Sonny" is certainly no exception. Yes, it's a remix. No, it's not another killer original that we've all been thirsting for... but who cares? After all, one of the key traits of a legit DJ is their remixing skills. If you're a fan of The Ting Ting's, or even if you don't know who they are, check this hot new #EDM cut. You'll dig for sure. Now the real question is how Qulinez only has 6,000 likes on Facebook? Guys, I think it's time for you to run with the big boys and pay for your likes

By Michael Arnold

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Track of the Day: "Damage Control" - Lazy Rich & Hirshee

Released today on Rising Music, "Damage Control" is an emotional yet heavy Progressive House track. Hirshee and Lazy Rich merge forces in this hot new cut, and the addition of Amba Shepherd's spot-on vocals makes "Damage Control" sure to be the next club hit. "Damage Control" begins with a slow buildup, but slowly speeds up its tempo teasing the listener. And then the drop comes...and it's a lot harder than you expected! Don't be surprised if you hear this song on heavy rotation this all around the country this summer. Enjoy and start getting your ears ready for EDC!!!

Out now on Beatport.

By Edward Fancher


Hot New Progressive House Track "SummerSLAM" - Filo & Peri

It's a sweltering 86 degrees in New York City, but it's not yet officially summer without this appropriately titled masterpiece by Filo & Peri "SummerSLAM." Its groovy melody and incredible synth line are everything you could want on a hot sticky night. Once you finally reach the drop, Filo & Peri deliver an unforgettable anthem that will without a doubt have crowds going wild. The duo, who previously released tracks on Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk's labels, have finally returned after a two year break. They've made their comeback with the three-track, MONSTA EP, released on their own Lights N Loaded Records on 5/28. Be sure to support the guys, and be on the lookout for forthcoming material. We're stoked to have them back in the (much deserved) spotlight!

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By Laryssa Loza

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Track of the Day: "Wild And Perfect Day" - Rank 1 & Jochen Miller (ft. Sarah Bettens)

If you were hovering around the ASOT tent at EDC NYC you definitely caught the sweet sounds of these two trance staples. And to have them team up and lay down a bed of some of the most perfect beats for Sarah Bettens' melodies is just BOANG! This track is catchy, it moves and it drives a nice steady beat that's more house influenced than trance... certainly not a bad thing! EDM cross pollinates genres more than most and here at EDMLounge we absolutely LOVE it!

The countdown is on as we axiously await the performance of Jochen Miller, Rank 1 and a million other amazing EDM artists in 12 days at the largest electronic event in EXISTENCE... EDC VEGAS!!! Watch out for our Official Preview Coverage coming soon!

Release Date: 2012-02-06
Label: High Contrast Recordings
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By Michael Arnold
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