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Throwback Thursday: "Computer Love" - Kraftwerk

Throwing it way back to 1981, it's time to show some love to Kraftwerk, one of the first groups to ever popularize electronic music. The German electronic music band was formed in the 70s by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider, trailblazers who paved the path for electronic music to develop into what it is today. "Computer Love" the single from their revolutionary album Computer World and reminds us why their sound has been influencing many genres of music for generations. Synthpop and electro were forever changed when this track was released in back in July of 1981, turning EDM into more than just an avant-garde, experimental genre. I grew up hearing Kraftwerk's signature sound that for the first time combined hypnotic repetitive rhythms and intoxicating melodies using strictly electronic instrumentation. "Computer Love" was the first electronic song that I ever fell in love with and will always be one of my favorites.

By Eastan Croson


Free Download: "Miss Atomic Bomb" - The Killers (Felix Cartal Remix)

Any remix of The Killers automatically catches my eyes, but this one makes me downright ecstatic. Felix Cartal adds a bubbly Electro sound to every record he touches, and this one is truly a hit. I have a lot of respect for the guy for releasing this free download of one of the group's best tracks, and not changing it too much. Instead of adding a heavy sound that would overpower Flowers' recognizable vocals, Felix keeps it low-key while still adding a clean dancefloor edge that'll make you grin. 

By Edward Fancher


"Fix You" - Vita Chambers ft. The Siren

Vita Chambers first debuted in the music scene as a pop-punk rocker back in 2009 but is now creeping into the EDM scene. Goodbye Warped Tour, hello Electric Daisy CarnivalSmart choice for Ms. Chambers! The track rocks Progressive House beats and doesn't disappoint for a new vocalist. "Fix You" features suburb lyrics and with Chambers alluring vocals, this track can easily remain in your head for hours. I am excited to see what else emerges from Chambers in the future and with other mixes already appearing from artists such as The Siren, this track has the potential to really make Chambers' career in the genre.

By Sierra Rose


"Primadonna" - Marina and The Diamonds (Carter Remix)

I love when things go 180 degrees. When someone takes something and completely spins it around. Like the symphonic renditions of Skrillex tracks or remixes of our favorite non-EDM songs that didn't seems to fit the "Electronic Dance Music" bill, but somehow transform into bangers. This is what new and upcoming NYU Clive Davis producer Carter has done with his "Primadonna" remix. He turned an Indie Electro-pop song about your average egotistical princess girl (who we know well here in New York) and spun it into a an all out banger. Clearly influenced by Ashworth (who was once a Clive Davis student) and Zedd, his style is a bit harder and more tastefully poppy than his influences. What's more is he's only eighteen years old. If this kid can lay down fire like this and manage his first year in college, he has earned a place on my radar and should be on yours.

By Joey Walker


"The City" - Madeon

18 yearold Hugo Pierre Leclerq, better known as Madeon, released a new single called “The City” which will be featured on his new EP due in the next couple months.  The French wonder kid has been at it in the studio non-stop producing remixes and original tracks such as “The Night Out”, “Icarus”, “Finale” (which was featured on ESPN this past month), and now “The City”. Leclerq in a recent interview said that this might be his favorite track that he’s ever produced so it must tell you something about the production quality and technique that went into making this track. This Nu-Disco and Electro pop prodigy brings the same emotion and blissful dance beat into this track as he does in other pieces of work. His unique style and his knack for finding amazing vocalists creates an extra element to his music, and the pop feel to this track will entice all music lovers.  Watch out for Madeon’s new album that’s coming out, it’s going to be a major hit. 

By Tommy Carolin