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Trance Tuesday Playlist ft. Ost & Meyer, Eximinds, & Tiesto

So we have finally reached the first Trance Tuesday of 2013!  After ending my 2012 at POP, I can assure you 2013 is going to be one booming year for Trance! Offering up a sneak-peek of what the new year has to offer, POP gave me a feeling that this will be the year of not just new, but old too! Pop NYE did not just feature Trance how it is now, but how it was, which had me and probably many others shaking with excitement for more to come. Be on the lookout for re-works, revamps, remixes, bootlegs and mashups! 

"Take Off" - Ost & Meyer 

With one of the first releases of the new year, Ost & Meyer come out with another energized yet melodic piece of trance. Tribal vocals and twinkling synth melodies accompanied by strings set the scene for a gorgeous signature piano breakdown, only to bounce back into a bass-y energetic interlude. Bursting with rhythm after the breakdown, Ost & Meyer make sure this tune fits in perfectly with all of their other productions. If you know Ost & Meyer like I do, then this track comes as no surprise - but why mess with something that isn't broken?

"Revolved" - Eximinds 

When electronic music reaches the point where genres meld together, and the essence of seamless, smooth production becomes the goal, amazing things can happen. Russian Trance duo Eximinds proves this with their new track, "Revolved". With a hard driving bass and an ethereal breakdown that is engineered to be played in a big room, you'll definitely want to put your good headphones on and turn this song all the way up. Nothing timid about this track - get ready for a banger. 

Golden Oldie

"Adagio for Strings" - Tiesto

Before his days of House music, Tiesto was a devoted Trance producer. After making history playing at the summer Olympic games in Greece in 2004, this song became forever immortalized. Still sampled by artists today, this tune is a classic that will instantly excite anyone who remembers the infectious melody. After hearing it at POP NYE I thought it only necessary to pay homage to this tune that has withstood the test of time. If you like this, then check out more of Tiesto's old creations, like "Just Be" or "Traffic". You certainly won't be disappointed. 

... Also, check out the re-work I mentioned that played at POP!

"Adagio for Strings" - Tiesto (W&W Bootleg)

By April Surrency

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A Landmark Year for Bass Music: UKF Dubstep 2012 Compilation

After a massive showing last weekend at Hammerstein Ballroom with heavyweights Borgore, Chase & Status, Dirtyphonics, Delta Heavy, and more representing the best in bass music, UKF is back with their hard-hitting 2012 compilation album. UKF has been bringing us the gnarliest and grimiest of Dubstep since their establishment in '09 with their internet uploads and parties that serve as a brand name in the world of bass. Today I present you their huge 20-track playlist for the best of Dubstep in the year of EDM: 2012. Released alongside their Drum & Bass compilation (which we'll review later), this one is sure to get a lot of downloads. But for now stream the songs here, and tell us your favorite track by commenting below (mine's number 20).

1. "Bring It Down" - Emalkay

2. "Adrenaline" - Zeds Dead

3. "Stabs" - xKore

4. "Whiskers" - Feed Me & Gemini

5. "Bass Salt" - 12th Planet & Antiserum

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Trance Tuesday ft. Above & Beyond, Maor Levi, & Gal Abutbul

"Liquid Love" - Above & Beyond (Maor Levi Remix)

Maor Levi is a frequently visited producer on Trance Tuesdays because of his amazing versatility. From creating straight bangers, to melodic pieces of art, he simply can't be talked about enough. The debut of this track was featured in Bangalore, India for TATW 450 / ABGT 001 and it is still ringing in my ears. This time he is treating us to a classic, with a modern twist. Taken off Above & Beyond's classic album Tri-State, he gives the song a new pair of kicks. Still maintaining the sonorous vocals of the renowned Richard Bedford, you can bet he does the song justice. New and old Trance fans, feast your ears on this classic, and find yourself caught in the epic bassline Maor Levi creates.

"Spring Breeze" (Original Mix) - Gal Abutbul

This massive tune was released just yesterday and is already ranked at #95 on Beatport's top 100. Israeli producer Gal Abutbul is exuding Audien's signature style with this track and it works amazingly. After hearing this track on ABGT 003, I just had to feature it because it is a beautiful combination of ambient vocals, a driving melody and an interesting bassline. Grabbing his claim to fame under the Armada label, he has the backing of respected producers such as Markus Schulz. It may be winter but you can still get a taste of that "Spring Breeze" with this track. Warm your ears up to this one and get yourself familiar with Gal Abutbul, because something tells me this won't be the last we'll be hearing of him. 

Golden Oldie

"Home" (Club Mix) - Above & Beyond

As Dash Berlin predicted on his Twitter, "2013 will be the year for trance!" And boy, does that have us excited. After featuring Maor Levi's remix of Liquid love, and hearing Genix's remix of "Home", I decided it would be appropriate to dust off and pay homage to another Above & Beyond classic. "Home" is another track off their debut album, and it still maintains enormous relevance today. On ABGT 001, Above & Beyond ended their legendary set with this one - which is fitting since it was one of the many songs that gave the trio their name. Nearly 6 years after the track was released, it is still played and enjoyed by many. With lyrics that resonate with nearly any audience, A&B shows the world how Trance can be made to withstand the test of time. TranceFamily members and EDM fans alike will be sure to feel at "Home" in the arms of this familiar tune. Enjoy.


By April Surrency

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Quadruple Stacked Trance Tuesday

"Play It Back" - Gabriel & Dresden feat. Bestie Larkin (Gabriel & Dresden Sunrise Mix)

Trance duo Gabriel & Dresden are back at it again with their new single with renowned vocalist Bestie Larkin. With gorgeous lyrics and a sound similar to their single "Tracking Treasure Down", Gabriel & Dresden create a great new sound while still maintaining their signature stylistic elements. This Sunrise mix has much more depth and is a lot more uplifting than the original track. High pitched strings enhance the deep bass, and the combination of synth, melody, and clear rhythm create an unusually pleasant, cohesive mix

"Believe" - Chris Schweizer (Original Mix)

Recently released on Soundpiercing records, this Progressive track has some attitude. Chris Schweizer combines Tech, Electro and Trance, creating a melody with a sweet kick while still maintaining that gorgeous Trance breakdown. Featured on ASOT 584, this song will be a favorite among Armada fans especially since it has such a great trance anthem comparable to W&W's anthems. Schweizer creates a strong Trance ballad that seamlessly ties the heavenly break into his banger electro melody. I urge you to check this energetic Trance track out; you won't be able to listen to it just once. 

"Sun In Your Eyes" - Above & Beyond (Daniel Kandi Remix)

I always try to bring a lot of variety to the table when it comes to Trance Tuesday, and I have to say that I am very, very excited for this track! Daniel Kandi has done a phenomenal job in the past remixing Above & Beyond's tracks into dramatic, emotional uplifting melodies. "Sun In Your Eyes" is already a gorgeous track filled with beautiful moments, and Daniel Kandi only enhances them with this remix. If you love the trance that was popular 3 years ago, the kind that tugs on heart strings and tells your ears a story, then this is for you. 

Golden Oldies

"Without You Near" - Markus Schulz, Departure and Gabriel & Dresden (Coldharbor Mix)

Rated DJ Magazine's #13 best DJ, Markus Schulz has been around for quite some time. In 2005, he produced this track called "Without You Near" with Trance duo Gabriel & Dresden. Starting off with dark vocals that carry a heavy, mysterious vibe, this track then breaks into a melody that sheds hope into the somber lyrics. While Markus Schulz has gone on to accomplish much bigger and better things, this track will remain timeless. With a unique sound and haunting vocals, "Without You Near" stands out from the rest. If you are a Markus Schulz fan, you too can respect his old tracks even though they differ immensely from the sound he puts out now.

By April Surrency

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Trance Tuesday ft. Store N Forward, Eleven.Five, & Signal Runners

"Roses" - Store N Forward

Based in Germany, this Trance duo first stepped into the spotlight when they took third place in Above & Beyond's remix competition for their song "Satellite". Even though Store N Forward did not come on top, they continued to produce trance masterpieces ever since. Something that sets this track apart from other Trance tunes are the vocals; while a lot of vocal trance these days are female vocal driven, this one is male. Having an almost deep resonate tone to it, the male vocals make the song seem a bit darker, which truly works to the song's advantage. The interlude near the middle takes the listener to an ethereal place, creating a sense of anticipation for the climactic hit two-thirds of the way in where guitars and synth blend together, building to its satisfying high point. Enjoy.


"For All Occasions" - eleven.five

As the genre of EDM progresses, some producers have begun incorporating more Progressive House and Dubstep into their productions. However, eleven.five is doing the opposite. Sticking to the roots of trance, this track brings all the elements that made original trance great. A driving piano melody and a repetitive soundscape not only bring out emotion, but also prove this artist's mastery of the genre. I first heard eleven.five on ASOT 586, and I anticipate to hear more from him soon. New music is always exciting, but this revamped version of old-style Trance has that nostalgic feel, and is too good for any die-hard trance fan to pass up. 

Golden Oldie

"Meet Me In Montauk" - Signalrunners

If you know of Andrew Bayer, then you know that he was part of an electronic music duo a while ago with Alan Nimmo called Signalrunners. Don't let his current sound fool you, this track was made in 2008. You might have heard this track in TATW 449, or even when Andrew Bayer himself dropped it live in Bangalore India, for the last installment of TATW. From his beginnings, Bayer has always been a supremely progressive producer, and because of that, this song has maintained relevancy throughout the years. This forward thinking producer has proved himself time and time again, and I can only expect more big things from Bayer in the future!

By April Surrency