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Chill the Fuck Out: Chillstep Chapter 3

Here at the Lounge we've had quite the busy past few weeks, and are in the need of some serious chill time. To that, I present the third installment of my Chilltastic Chillstep Playlist featuring seven awesome tracks that will hopefully make everyone calm the fuck down, and just nod their heads to the bass - because really, that's what living is all about.

"Beyond Jaded (Deadmau5 Cover)" - At Dawn We Rage

In case this wasn't obvious already, I'm a big deadmau5 fan. So imagine my surprise when I came across this amazing At Dawn We Rage Chillstep remix of one of my favorite tracks of his: "Jaded". The track is pretty relaxing to begin with, but this remix is perfect for night driving. And I love it. It's just so good. Have a listen; you won't be disappointed. 

"Love At Heart" - Blackmill

Blackmill fucking rules Chillstep. There's no way to dispute that. "Love at Heart" is one of my favorite tracks from Blackmill's album Miracle, and just like the rest of his stuff, it's forceful and it thumps while still being melodic and beautiful. I love seeing Dubstep tracks like this, and lucky for me that's all Blackmill releases. The build-up for this track is amazing, and the drop is beautiful. This one definitely has a spot alongside the above track on the Nighttime Cruising playlist, folks. No doubt about it. 

"The Drift" - Blackmill 

Classical and Dubstep: my two favorite things! "The Drift" even has violin! (I love the way violin sounds alongside the bass). The melody on this track is breathtaking, the beat is nice and forceful, and I can't stop listening to it. This is one of my favorite tracks right now, period. Have a listen.

"In the Twilight" - Phaeleh 

"In the Twilight" is an extremely chill track, and is tied for first with "Afterglow" as my favorite Phaeleh song. I love the vocals, the melody, and the percussion -- they all work together stunningly. This track is one of the chillest of the seven, even with the awesome drop where the beat comes in and really begins to drive the song.

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