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Track of the Day: "Carried Away" (Dillon Francis Remix) - Passion Pit

With all the hype coming from his Trap releases, I was starting to think Dillon Francis was trying to switch things up on us for good. Yet, here Mr. Francis presents us with another amazing moombahton remix ("MOOMBAHTON ON ACID" to be exact). The song was initially promoted through a Sony interview/YouTube advertisement where Dillon and Passion Pit discuss the art of remixing. One thing both artists mention is the need for the remixer to bring a new light to the song --a different interpretation of the song without disrupting its identity. Including chopped vocals and a happy synth variation of the original melody, Dillon does just that by cutting into a moombah groove to get a crowd bouncin'! Be sure to catch him dropping this on his Wurld Turr!

By Daniel Madden


Official EDM Lounge Governors Ball NYC Preview

Get ready for a musical explosion at Randall's Island! Let's kick off the first weekend of summer right with Governors Ball 2012!

This year's Governors Ball (June 23-24) is jam-packed with a huge variety of artists who all spit tracks that scream summer anthem. The thing about Governors Ball that sets it beyond other music festivals is that there are no overlapping sets. That’s right, now you don’t have to debate over seeing Modest Mouse or Passion Pit, and you get the full set of artists that you paid for.

Governors Ball has all of the hottest genres in music covered.

Last minute announced headliner, Kid Cudi, will definitely be the most occupied set of the ball. Being everyone's favorite blaze-friendly rapper, Kid Cudi's the right man to kick off a chill summer overflowing with good, and green times. 

Electro-Moombah sensation Major Lazer (Diplo) will be representing the EDM scene at Governor’s Ball.

I don’t know what it is, but when Diplo and Major Lazer get together, magic happens.  Known for their eclectic use of soul, funk, hip-hop, reggae in their Electro-dubstep creations, Major Lazer succeeds in pioneering their own genre of auditory treats. Once a collective of Diplo and Switch, the act is now entirely run by Diplo, but the name still manages to maintain its original sound. ML is notorious for their numerous collaborations with other big names, such as Santigold, another act at Governor’s Ball that’s bound to be a sick show!

And of course, it wouldn’t be Governor’s Ball without a little bit of Duck Sauce.

Collaborators A-Trak and Armand van Helden make their debut splash a while back with the viral song “Barbara Streisand”. By far their most heavily sampled track, “Barbara Streisand” really launched these boys in to electronic stardom. It doesn’t matter which artist you'e going to see, Duck Sauce will be the one everyone’s going to stay for.

So many artists, so little time.

In just two short days, Governor's Ball is going to encapsulate our generation's roar into a rush of musical celebration. Tickets are STILL ON SALE. Get yours now. NOW. It’s live music on an island in New York City for God's sake. Find out what it really means to be young in the NYC summer and get out there! I better be seeing everyone's asses out here this weekend; whether if its clad in spandex, denim, sequins, or nothing at all, it’ll be shaking to the hottest beats for sure.

Other Artists You Should Get Excited For

Chromeo! These guys are amazing! Seriously don't pass up to see this Electro-funk duo live, because they're sure to leave your jaw hanging with their seriously groovy sound!

Big Gigantic! This hip-hop jazz-step group from Boulder, CO is widely known for their live performances. Get ready for insane visuals and high-energy crowds, and some of the dirtiest sounds you've ever heard!

Atmosphere! Slug and Ant produce some one of the most unique sounds in hip-hop. Don't pass up the chance to see them live this weekend!

By Anne Chang


Giveaway: Win a Free 2 Day Pass to Governors Ball!

We're back with another giveaway, this time for Governors Ball NYC which will be held June 23 and 24 at Randall's Island Park! Headlining EDM acts include Major Lazer (Diplo & Switch), Chromeo, and Passion Pit! Other notable acts include Kid Cudi, Atmosphere, Beck, and more!

To be entered for a chance to win, visit our Facebook page and share the giveaway status, and if you haven't already, 'like' the page!



Indie Spotlight: New Passion Pit Single "Take A Walk"

Finally, one of my favorite Indie Electronic bands Passion Pit returns with their new single "Take A Walk." This new track really shows how they have evolved from their original sound. Michael Angelakos' airy vocals over catchy guitar riffs and synth really make this song stand out from the bands last album Manners, released in 2009, which featured tracks with a heavier electronic influence. The bands new album Gossamer will be released July 24th. And don't miss Passion Pit at Governor's Ball NYC at Randall's Island Park on Saturday June 23! EDMLounge will be there for press coverage (full preview coming soon!). 

By Joe Walker