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Afrojack, Erick Morillo Added to Help Heal NYC Lineup

Today is a great day for EDM, today we prove that we can actively make a difference in the world! Fresh off his benefit show in Atlantic City along with An21 and DJ Bambi (where they raised over 75k for hurricane relief), Dutch House superstar Afrojack will be headlining Pacha tomorrow night along with an all-star linup! And best of all, all proceeds will be going to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy. Union, NJ native and Pacha co-owner Erick Morillo has also been added to the lineup, stating that he "jumped at the chance to get involved in such a good cause, and would like to thank the international dance community for coming together to help get our area back on their feet." Anyone interested in joining the volunteer effort should submit their details to

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By Edward Fancher


EDM Lounge Interviews Borgore

Last Sunday at Pacha, the Bakery was in full service. Master chef Borgore baked our minds, iced all the ladies, and dished out the beats with a cherry on top. Playing a set with the heaviest bass that my poor ears have experienced, Borgore is hands down one of the greatest DJs I've seen live. Veering away from the usage of computers while mixing, he instead went the traditional route, using only CDs.

The set was heavily hip-hop influenced, with samples of tracks like "Birthday Song" by 2 Chainz, and "Niggas in Paris" by Kanye and Jay-Z into a mix of Trap gold. Giving the crowd what they came for, Borgore also played some of his Gorestep originals such as "Nympho," "Ice Cream," and of course "Decisions." Girls were making out, throwing panties around, doing pretty much anything to get a piece of Borgore. Lucky for me, I had the chance to sit down with him before the show and get to know the infamous bass (and undie) dropper.

First off: Why cake, why the 'Bakery Tour'? What’s the obsession with pastries?

Pasties has nothing to do with….oh fuck! I thought you were asking about pasties. No but there’s also an obsession with pastries, we like them too. But there’s that saying, eat the whole cake, and keep it full? I don’t know how you say it in English, but there is such saying right?

You can't have your cake and eat it too?

Exactly. So that is what I am basically singing about, something much deeper than the literal meaning. But the literal meaning is good too, isn’t it?

For the track "Decisions," how did you draw upon the conclusion that bitches love cake?

I mean, don’t they?

What about the skinny ones?

Skinny bitches love cake. They just go to the toilet afterwards. Or do a lot of coke. There are always different ways to get rid of it.

So you pioneered gorestep. What makes your sound distinct from other dubstep productions?

It was more relevant three years ago when it was only myself and two or three other DJs making the heavier sound. It was very recognizable what was Flux Pavillion, what was Datsik, what was me. Right now dubstep has gotten very loud and heavy, so the boundaries of the genre became less clear. But I still think that my sound is unique, and I still sing my own tunes, so it is what it is.

Who are some of your personal favorites in EDM?

The guys that I appreciate most right now are Knife Party; they’re just unreal.

I know that you used to be the drummer for a death metal band, what was that like?

Incredible. I wish that I could still play real instruments on stage, but that’s something that’s really hard to integrate into a show. Hopefully one day I can do that again. It’s really something I’m trying to fulfill in 2013.  At least once: Borgore Unplugged.

Who gets more girls: drummers or DJs?

Doesn't matter, I bring in all the girls anyway.

Well aside from women and sex, what are some of your other music influences?

Women and sex are not my musical influences, they’re my life influences! As far as music goes though, I just like beautiful harmonies, and it comes from all genres. Right now I’m listening to Kendrick Lamar’s "Swimming Pool", that’s my favorite tune right now.

Growing up in Israel, what do you think of the American music scene and the differences you can see between the two?

In Israel we were on top of our shit like four years before you guys! So I think we’re doing well.

So America’s worse?

No, just behind. I mean when you guys were listening to country music we already had Skream & Benga headlining everywhere.

What do you think makes a good dubstep show?

A good dubstep show is one where you don’t play dubstep. Just going to a dubstep rave and listening to it for seven hours is too much. A good DJ these days knows how to blend all sorts of genres which doesn’t include an hour and a half of straight dubstep.

The trend now seems to be that DJs are producing for mainstream pop artists. Do you see that as a possibility for yourself?

Well when I was younger, I wanted to be like Skream & Benga or Rusko, because that was my dream. I still respect them to the fullest and I think they’re amazing, but my challenge right now is to be remembered. And I know it sounds crazy, but if you don’t have big dreams, you won’t get anywhere, right? So my dream is to become Dr. Dre. You may laugh, but five years ago when I said I wanted to be Rusko, people laughed. You don’t call Dr. Dre a producer. He’s a producer, he’s a performer, he’s everything, you know, he’s the whole umbrella. This is what I’m trying to achieve.

What’s in the future for you now?

I’m working with a bunch of singers now, but I can't say who exactly. It’s the same thing that I did with Miley Cyrus; I don’t like to talk about people I’m working with before the tune is out. Sometimes you work with someone, then nothing comes out of it, and then you just sound like a twat. But I am working with very interesting people, and when it’s out, you’ll know about it. Plus, name-dropping sucks.

Last question, if you could have any woman in the world, who would it be?

The whole Victoria’s Secret crew, of any year. Just give me whatever year’s crew and I’ll do it.

#TurnUp EP - Out now on Beatport!

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By Anne Chang

Photo Credit: Warren Whitmore

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Preview: Dirty South @ Roseland Ballroom NYC

Grammy-nominated producer Dirty South will be answering the beckons of his fans on October 20th and making a grand appearance at the legendary Roseland Ballroom in NYC, a metropolis considered to be the "City of Dreams" among today’s top talent. The man’s phenomenal reputation speaks for itself, but accompanying him on his tour stop are up-and-comers Mord Fustang and Gregori Klosman.

Fustang’s claim to fame and successful establishment of his imprint Plasmapool has been attributed to his very uplifting and distinct brand of Electro House, demonstrated in works like his "Lick the Rainbow" single and "Welcome To the Future" EP. Klosman is similarly very much on the rise, having worked with major artists on the forefront of the Dirty Dutch movement like Chuckieand released a track entitled “Minibar” on the Bingo Players’ Hysteria imprint.

This will be only one momentous stop on the Serb’s biggest North American tour to date, at such an iconic venue nonetheless. DS hasn't spun among the big city masses for a while now so you want to make sure to catch him on this historical occasion, as his NYC presence alongside formidable support like Mord and Gregori will have the makings to amount to one of his most unforgettable shows to date.

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By Kiren Srinivasan

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Review: Porter Robinson & Zedd @ Pacha NYC

Porter Robinson and Zedd docked their Poseidon tour in midtown Manhattan at Pacha last Friday night, and holy ship did they make a splash. Playing a back to back set full of raging beats, flashing light shows, and crowd-pleasing anthems, these boys are going to have one hell of a tour.

Opening up for the dynamic duo was their good friend and Australian DJ, Nick Thayer. Spinning with a style influenced by both PR and Zedd, Thayer warmed up the crowd with his fast and quirky techno beats. This was an easy feat considering how hot the dance floor already was; every level of the sold out club was filled to the brim with ravers. Pumped up and slightly sweaty, the crowd was highly anticipating the arrival of the main act, which came on somewhere around 1:30 AM. As soon as the two Electro House wiz kids stepped in to the DJ booth, shit got real rowdy.


Being a huge fan of both Porter and Zedd, I was anticipating a fun set of Progressive House music all night long, distinct to their style. However, I was in for a surprise. In just a 2-hour set, the boys covered just about the whole “spectrum” of EDM.

Speaking of Zedd’s massive hit, the set started off with the crowd roaring, dancing and singing along. Zedd classics made a frequent appearance throughout the night, featuring “Stars Come Out”, “Shave It”, and the headlining song of his new album, Clarity”, the soon-to-be anthem of broken hearted ravers.

Moving on to the work of their colleagues, PR and Zedd sampled well-known tracks such as “Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker” by Dada Life and “Save the World” by Swedish House Mafia in a heavy, Dutch-influenced mix. Making the beats heavier by the second, the boys then transformed Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic” and Kanye’s “Stronger” in to a dirty, dubstep mosh pit, mirroring the pile of ravers on the dance floor. They even threw in a little bit of Trap in the mix as well, with Rollup by Flosstramadus (Baauer Remix) and their own original yet ratchet mix of “Niggas In Paris”.


Of course, the night wouldn’t be complete until the crowd got a little piece of Porter too. “The Wildcat" was a favorite track of the night, with the crowd humming along to the all-familiar tune of ‘ah-ah-ahs’. Porter Robinson also dropped the techno-Dubstep hit, “Spitfire”, made even more intense by the synchronized laser beams shooting off into every corner of the club.


In addition to the music, the visual effects of this set were exceptional, with fog machines, animation on the video walls, and a fog horn ready at the pull. Although the crowd had a raging time, I think that perhaps Porter and Zedd had the most fun of all. Dancing around, singing along, and chest-bumping each other throughout the set, these two definitely win the BFFs of the year award. The light-hearted and playful mood that these boys laced into their music made the night a celebratory party to remember. If you get a chance, make sure to take a spin on the Poseidon tour at a venue near you.

Highlighted Tracks of the Night

"Spectrum" - Zedd
"Breakin' A Sweat” - Skrillex
“Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker” - Dada Life
“Aerodynamic” - Daft Punk
“Coming Home” - Afrojack
“Save The World Tonight” - Swedish House Mafia
“Shave It” - Zedd
“Stars Come Out” - Zedd
“Stronger” - Kanye West
“In My Mind” - Ivan Gough
“Silhouettes” - Avicii
“Spitfire” - Porter Robinson
“Wildcat” - Porter Robinson  

 By Anne Chang

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Tonight in NYC: Borgore @ Pacha

If you are a fan of "horror movies, farm animals, and sex," you need to be at Pacha tonight 8/7 for Borgore's "Bakery Tour" madness. Dubstep, cake, and girls galore, this is one event for all you diehard bass-heads.

Borgore (Asaf Borger), Gorestep pioneer, happily assumes his role in EDM today as the one of the most controversial artists out there. "I'm not going to sing about what I don’t do. I’m not selling drugs, so I’m not going to sing about selling drugs. I’m not a gangster, so I’m not going to sing like I’m a gangster. I’m fucking all these chicks, that’s what I’m going to sing about." The shamlessly vulgar musicians works range from songs of “Love” to songs about “My Favorite Things”, neither of which titles really suit the R rated content. But hey, unpredictability is one of Borgore's best attributes.

Rolling in on his "Bakery" tour, Borgore has been selling out shows all over the country, hypnotizing crowds with his unique style. Deriving his tour name from the title of his track "Decisions(Bitches Love Cake)" featuring vocals from pop’s "dark princess," Miley Cyrus, this beat-bakery is certainly not about pastries. As EDM’s anti-celebrity, Borgore prefers to play in smaller venues, so that he can interact more with his fans. Known for throwing out sick live mixes, and really roughing up a crowd, Borgore is more than a DJ, but an entertainer. Be sure to come out tonight, and bring those helmets - who knows what may happen.

19+ Event, Doors @ 10

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By Anne Chang

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