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"Get Wild Right Back" (Norin & Rad Mashup) - John Dahlback vs. Yuri Kane

This is one of the more exciting mashups I've heard in a while. Norin & Rad add some huge electro energy to Yuri Kane's "Right Back" infusing it with long samples of John Dahlback's "Get Wild" making for a truly energetic and flowing piece of music. The two have been pushing against the typical Anjunabeats sound but still staying far from the other "Trouse" producers, differentiating themselves by a lack of interest in the norms of a genre but rather in how fast and hard a track hits you. There are no standards in music and these guys are proving just that, even if they're upsetting some traditionalists on the way. Watch out for our interview with the two this week and be sure to check them out in the afternoon on Friday if you'll be at Ultra!

By Edward Fancher


"Aldo" (Original Mix) - Norin & Rad

Only just hitting the festival circuit last year, Golden State natives Bruce Karlsson (Norin) and Nick Sember (Rad) have already packed the floors from Exchange LA to Electric Zoo, and there's no slowing down for them in 2013. With a unique set style consisting of many of their own productions and mashups, with some mixed live, N&R are set for a landmark year which kicks off tonight at Roseland Ballroom. "Aldo," with its first debut on Above & Beyond's mix for BBC Radio 1, is set to be featured on the Anjunabeats Volume 10 compilation that we're celebrating tonight. Even more exciting is the fact that we get to meet the two tonight and ask them some questions we've been dying to get answers to. Hope to see you all there it's going to be a night we'll never forget!

By Edward Fancher


"Snap!" (Original Mix) - Norin & Rad

Oh "Snap!" Above and Beyond's proteges Norin & Rad are back with another Progressive hit that is sure to make waves in the club this month. The "two madmen from California" bring us a track that rivals their past productions in both energy and creativity. "Snap" is a bouncing track with a lot of spark, and makes us even more excited to make it out to Roseland Ballroom next weekend for their show alongside the rest of the Anjuna-family for the celebration of Volume 10. Be there or be square!

By Edward Fancher


Counting Down to Heaven on the East Coast with Above & Beyond

On February 16th, Valentine's Day weekend, the NYC Trance family will gather together for a night filled with a thing called love, as we join Above & Beyond for an unforgettable night at Roseland Ballroom. This Made Event will honor in celebration the massive release of Anjunabeats Volume 10, which we're sure will even top the last volume which was in itself one of the defining EDM compilations of our time. This year, I have traveled the world over for a little Group Therapy, from Philadelphia to Miami, Vegas to NYC, and of course nothing will ever compare to that one life changing night in Ibiza for Cream night at Amnesia. Paavo, Tony and Jono are my lifeblood, fueling my every inspiration with their transcedental love for music, and I'm sure they have the same effect on thousands of fans around the globe. I am beyond thrilled to share in another unforgettable experience with them in our home base, New York City. Sharing the stage with A&B includes the very talented Andrew Bayer, Norin & Rad and Beckwith, all proud members of the Anjunafamily. The brand new compilation album will give us unheard tracks from some of the most supreme names in Trance music, including Arty, Andrew Bayer, Jaytech, Norin & Rad, Kyau & Albert, and of course, the three British superstars themselves. Get ready for a sold out night with the masters of music, Above & Beyond, who will also be playing the night prior at SoundGarden Hall in Philadelphia. As we lose all sense of time and space, our hearts will rip wide open: we're on our way to heaven on the East Coast. And be on the lookout for the review of Vol. 10, it's going to be a smash record you won't want to miss!

Roseland Ballroom Tickets (StubHub)

SoundGarden Hall Tickets (Ticketmaster)

By Brooke Forman

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A Farewell to TATW with Above & Beyond

Tomorrow marks the dawning of a new era for the renowned Trance symbol, Above & Beyond. Not only will there be the live broadcast straight from India, home of the famous "Anjunabeach," but we will be waving a final adieu to Trance Around the World with performances from Mat Zo, Norin & Rad, Andrew Bayer, and Jody Wisternoff. Although we are confident Group Therapy Radio will be the beginning of something even more wonderful, I thought I'd pay homage to the legendary radio show that has touched millions of hearts around the globe as we prepare for the final episode that has been in the making since 2004.

I decided to pick out the TATW 301 podcast because it is a 9 hour podcast of all the music I would consider Anjuna-classics. From "Lonely Girl" to "On a Good Day," this episode has it all. Broadcast originally from Russia, featuring performances from Daniel Kandi, Kyau & Albert, Super8 & Tab, PROFF, and Mat Zo. It is a shining example of the music A&B have made and played throughout the years. As a dedicated fan myself, I cannot help listening to it without having an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. Listen here

Although I was not a part of the magical night in the Coliseum at EDC 2010, every time I listen to this set I get chills. Many avid trance fans claim this to be one of their most effective performances of their career, and I would have to agree. The track selection is heavenly and takes the listener on a true journey. This is one set I still am not tired of listening to. These were before the days of "Sun & Moon," and the infamous set where we dedicated a special song "For Those Who Left this Earth Too Soon". 

Who could forget all the amazing live performances Above & Beyond has graced the world with? With their unique style of creating not just a musical experience, but an almost spiritual one, they have revolutionized mixing music into an art form, from a mere party vibe to an epic, memorable, and moving audio-visual experience. By bringing the audience together and communicating positive messages on LED screens, they remind us just what music is all about - unity. Uniting people under a simple common message: love through Trance. It does not matter who you are, what you look like, if you are a trance fan you will feel perfectly at home and at peace during these moments under the caring arms of the Trance Family. 

If you haven't listened to last weeks TATW 449, then by all means, do it now. Featuring tracks like Mat Zo's "The Sky", and the "On a Good Day" (Metropolis Remix) you will find solace from the week in this mixture of old and new. After Breaking Ties, the 3 announce the ending of the podcast that brought the world together every Friday. It's fitting for what they propose to do and its hard not to tear up just a little bit.

So what's next for Above & Beyond? Well, if you are dedicated enough, the final broadcast from India will start exactly at 10:30 AM GMT, which means 1:30 AM this Saturday for you Pacific Coast people. Gather up your own trance family and listen to Trance history being made. As music progresses, artists, not just the music must change to adhere to the growth. If you know Above & Beyond, you know that while they may make crazy decisions every once in a while they are justified. Everyone remembers what we all had to go through to get Sirens of the Sea released, but it was worth it. Each album they have released has always been uniquely different from the last, but has always had the ability to touch the hearts of their fans.

While many people feel uneasy with the void TATW has left, I urge them to have confidence. Without change, music would stay stagnant and nothing new or exciting would ever come. With this new name, I believe the three will focus more on creating the experience they are so renowned for, rather than just spreading Trance Around the World. This new chapter holds so many possibilities in store, and as a dedicated fan, I am so excited to see what Tony, Paavo and Jono have up their sleeves this time.

It's time to "break ties" with TATW, say "you got to go," and continue "on our way to heaven" with Group Therapy Radio. 

Listen to the TATW 450 live broadcast here

By April Surrency