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"Must Be the Love" - Arty & BT ft. Nadia Ali (Au5 Remix)

Get ready for this one...if you thought that the heavenly collaboration between BT, Arty, and Nadia Ali was maxed out in excellence, wait until you give this remix a listen. The remix pack is featured on Beatport with extended and radio mixes from Shogun and Au5, a relatively unknown producer with a handful of originals. The soothing vocals throughout the intro lead into some gorgeous synths that kicks in with the chorus, and the soaring chords match the original in their ability to make any Trance or Progressive fan go wild. The chorus is overflowing with energy to the point where it is near-anthem status and I honestly cannot imagine what it will be like the first time I hear this live! The fill after the first chorus maintains the excitement with a cool arpeggiated section, and there is only a short interlude before the chorus closes out the song in a fitting fashion. Anyone who takes on a remix for BT and Arty is setting some high expectations, and this remix certainly hits the spot! 


Out now on BeatPort!

By Andrew Cordivari

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"Must Be the Love" (Preview) - Arty, Nadia Ali, & BT 

We all know "No Arty No Party," but with the production prowess of veteran BT and dreamy vocals of Nadia Ali thrown into the mix, this track could be nothing short of perfection (and something we're hugely excited about). Constantly blurring the lines between the Anjunabeats Trance sound and uplifting Progressive House, Arty consistently produces musical gold, and is easily in my top three just for the true brilliance of his original productions. Nadia Ali's voice has been and example of perfection in dance music vocals for years, so this collaboration is a huge deal for Arty and something that may catapult his career. On top of that this track has been huge on the internet since he first previewed it in sets, so I wouldn't be surprised if it graced the top of the radio charts upon its official Beatport release September 17. The official preview can be listened to here

By Edward Fancher