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Track of the Day: "Lights" (5vel Remix) - Myon & Shane 54 ft. Aruna

We've spotted 5vel on the internet uploading remixes for over a year, but three days ago marked his first release in the form of an official remix for Myon & Shane 54. Aruna's vocals on "Lights" have made it one of the most sought-after songs to remix this season, with everyone from 7 Skies to Juventa stepping up to the plate to add in a club-ready 130+ Trance bassline. Tonight 5vel is here to change our prior conceptions of where the sound should carry us with a chilled-out bass remix that makes the song perfect for any 4 AM set. The Orlando producer has quite the knack for knocking down the original frame of Progressive tracks and turning them into downtempo ambient tunes with an unexpectedly powerful kick, so be sure to check out the rest of his selections on his SoundCloud. See you tonight at Webster Hall for Brite Nites with MS54!

Pull me in, take me over
Wind me up and pull me closer
Let me lose control tonight with you
Cuz my heart's on fire, my head is spinning
Round and round, I can't stop thinking
Of everything I'm dying to let you do

I wanna be born again
Wanna break you in tonight
I wanna play to win
I can't hold it in tonight
So come on let's cross to the other side
Hold on tight, just close your eyes and listen
And listen
And listen

The lights are all aglow
And all the world is waiting
So tell me can I sing to you tonight
I wanna sing to you tonight
Just let it all unload
Cuz life's so complicated
Tell me can I sing to you tonight
I wanna sing to you tonight...

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher


Trance Tuesday: ft. Myon & Shane 54, Mat Zo, and Dima Krasnik

Lights - And Counting (Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Remix)

Recently on their North American tour,  Myon & Shane 54 came across the amazing electro/rock singer we call Lights, and they decided to try their hand at remixing her. At first I was hesitant to see what might become of such an odd combination, but somehow they pulled it off. Light's smooth vocals works so harmoniously with the easy laid-back trance beat Myon & Shane create. The sound is similar to something Kaskade would have produced a few years ago. Believe me though, this is song is impressively produced. The simple lyrics just work so perfectly with trance. This isn't your ordinary build, climax and chorus sort of track. It kind of just flows; and thats what makes this song so good.

Mat Zo feat. Linnea Schossow - The Sky
Mat Zo has done it again. Every time he comes out with something new it just blows my mind. As a producer, his skills show. Even though he may hate to be called a trance producer, he has his moments, and this song shows to be one of those moments. Teaming up with Linnea Schossow, she sings of the feeling you get when you first start to fall in love. Her vocals very reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan in "Delerium". With the mixture of classic sounding vocals, and Mat Zo's unconventional producing, this song takes you on a journey and it will grow on you every time you press play.

Dima Krasnik - Cosair

I came across this track while listening to Nitrous Oxide's guest mix on Trance Around the World. Once I heard it, I just had to look it up. The high ringing melody with the synthy bass makes for such a beautiful combination. Dima Krasnik, Ukrainian trance producer, needs to be more well known. After hearing this track I want more. With a gorgeous build and a sound that could fill the room, the melody will get stuck in your head and you will not want it out. Enjoy. 

By April Surrency

Track of the Day: "Keep Your Secrets" - Andrew Bayer (Myon & Shane Summer Mix)

Just released earlier this week is this amazing trance track by Andrew Bayer, a Washington based producer, released on Myon & Shane's 54 Summer of Love Mix. The track, called " Keep Your Secrets", was released on the London based Trance label Anjunabeats, which has backed many top trance artists since its inception in 2000. If you like Above & Beyond, you will probably like this track and label, as Troy McGuinness of A&B is one of the key players in Anjunabeats. The track itself is a very solid trance track, with beautiful female vocals by Molly Bancroft, a nice build, and a beautiful breakdown that starts about 2 minutes into the song. I really enjoyed this particular song, and it definitely has a spot on my workout playlist from here on out. If you're interested in checking out more of Andrew Bayer's work, check out his track "In and Out of Phase" which was just released yesterday on Beatport, and his remix of Above & Beyond's "A Thing Called Love" which I think is amazing. 

By Sara Landry


Trance Tuesday: Featuring Myon & Shane and Tritonal

Myon & Shane ft. Aruna - Velvetine: A song 2 years in the making, Myon & Shane 54 and Aruna team up to create "Velvetine," with the Great Divide. An excellent banger, with some catchy vocals makes this a timeless trance track. With banger moments, Myon & Shane prove to put their producing skills to the test. And it pays off. 

Tritonal ft. Ben Gold - Apex: Tritonal's new track featuring Ben Gold is truely an energetic tune. Starting off as an instant banger, the song is sure to tear up dancefloors across the world these coming months. Still hinting at their "Tritonian" sound, the collaboration with Ben Gold just seems to fit too flawlessly. Enjoy.

By April Surrency