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"Cango" (Extended Preview) - Pelari

As the anticipation builds towards Tiësto's release of Club Life Volume 3, Stockholm on the 18th, fans are starting to get a first look at the insane new tracks from the mega DJ. One of my favorites is "Cango" by the relatively unknown Swedish act Pelari. So obscure, in fact, that their facebook fan page only has 685 likes on Facebook! Don't let that fool you though, if your first release is on Club Life, it must be pretty impressive, and this one definitely comes off as one of the compilation's shining tracks. With an insane kick drum and dope buildups with crazy synths this is the summer hit we've been waiting for. Make sure to keep Pelari on your radar as they continue to break onto the scene as some of the next big Swedes!

By Jesse Silverman


Track of the Day: "Loud & Proud" - Blasterjaxx & Billy The Kit

Newly signed to Musical Freedom by Tiësto himself, Blasterjaxx and Billy the Kit unite for a massive festival banger! Their new single "Loud & Proud" released June 4 couldn't describe the track any better. Along with some nice piercing synth work, the melodies are superbly clean and lead into hard, powerful, and energetic chords all "to the beat of the drum." Songs are called anthems all the time but when you give this one a full listen and hear the bassline come in at 5:40 you'll realize why it deserves the title. Be on the lookout for these two dudes in the near future as they are now protégés of one of the Dutchmaster.

Out now on Beatport!

By David Selsey


Track of the Day: "Love Is The Answer" (TiĆ«sto Remix) - Jus Jack & Oza

Released by Musical Freedom on May 21, "Love is the Answer" by Jus Jack & Oza ft. Blessid Union of Souls will definitely give most of us a nostalgic feeling. When I first heard the track I felt creeping deja vu — and then I realized that this was Blessid Union of Souls’ 1995 single "I Believe" transformed into a progressive house masterpiece in a way I would have never thought possible. Clearly, the newly formed duo of Jus Jack & Oza thought that it could be done and they definitely made it happen. Their original mix of the track set the stage for Tiesto to give it a more boosted and big-room appeal. 100% the proceeds from this remix will go to the World Childhood Foundation. Show that love is the answer and spare a couple bucks to grab the track!

Out now on Beatport!

By David Selsey


"Make Me Jump" (Original Mix) - Alvaro

Lately Tiësto's Musical Freedom has been all about those dirty drops, and this one takes that assertion to a whole new level. Making a huge splash today with this shuffling anthem, "Make Me Jump" is set to be Alvaro's huge festival tune-breakthrough. My advice for all the DJs out there: drop this Electro House mother and you're crowd will thrash so hard they'll come out with memories from the night the next morning. This one for sure is worth getting some bruises for, although I can't exactly say the same for falling on your ass. When that happened to me at the UKF party it wasn't too fun, and I got no souvenir. Watch your beer people those floors are slippery!

Out today on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher

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