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"Yellow Bird" - Pretty Lights [Music Video]

I had mixed thoughts of Pretty Lights' newest album, but all criticisms aside, every one of the tracks on the free new album showcase Derek's dexterity as a musical technician. Layering vintage-sounding vocals with scratchy samples and live instrumentation, PL forges a hazy trip of a record that lacks a consistent vibe. The album's biggest strengths are the tracks which evoke a funky yet still relaxing atmosphere as opposed to the other half that comes off a bit frantic. For me "Yellow Bird" is the unmistakable highlight on A Color Map of the Sun, a game-changing gentle meditation over the sounds of summer and one of Derek's finest productions to date. The music video is equally enchanting - press play and take flight with us.

A Color Map of The Sun - Free Download

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Watch Out For This" (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix) - Major Lazer

After producing Tomorrowland's official theme tunes for the past three years, Belgian duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike have become international sought-after producers for their profound editing skills, it is no surprise the duo have remixed Major Lazer's "Watch Out for This" with their recent successful African-inspired sounds heard in "Turn it Up/Mammoth" and "Wakanda."

Enhancing Major Lazer’s afro-cuban, laid-back track, the pair kick up the beat tenfold adding to their remix a perfect main room sound. The track starts out the memorable horn pattern that screams summer, edging into the repeated "watch out for this" chants, which combine perfectly to lead into a Progressive House line that makes you want to get out your chair and dance.

By Natalia Toussaint


"Cirrus" (Music Video) - Bonobo

This track is for all who love music. Newly released by British Indie-Electro producer Bonobo, this song has so many sounds all coming together to make one of the grooviest tunes I’ve heard in a long time. With a tribal vibe, "Cirrus" takes you on a journey, where your destination is unknown but still some place awesome. He starts off with some sweet cowbells, then brings in the sweet sound of pure, beautiful chimes to create a mix that is truly hypnotic. All this mixed in with a funky drum and bass background, Bonobo has brewed together another instantly obsessive track. Check it out and get your groove on, it'll get to you one way or another.

By Elyse Rousseau


Track of the Day: "Encore" (Music Video) - Aiur [Free Download]

This one really caught me off guard! Dan and Tim who collectively form the up & coming production duo Aiur sent me one of the most exciting new tracks I've heard in a while, which was greatly supplemented by the incredible video that you'll find below. Gamers at heart, the Long Island duo sacrifice sleep for work, and it really pays off. "Encore" is a thunderous Electro House anthem, but that's really as far as I can describe it. With immense, entrancing visuals accompanying the energetic rifts, these two will mesmerize you with their ability to bring the festival experience to your living room. With intense visual sequences of flashing kaleidoscopes, primordial ocean waves, and psychedelic fractal-based space scenes, this video is about to knock your socks off. Sometimes a budget may help, but without one talent is what truly separates - by the end of this immersive audio-visual experience I'm sure that will be clear. Big ups to them and make sure to download their whole EP Live for Aiur (donation not required).


By Edward Fancher


"Beam Me Up" - Cazzette (Official Music Video)

Swedish duo Cazzette have officially released “Beam Me Up,” the single on the first part of their new album “Eject,” which is found solely on Spotify. The “Beam Me Up” music video describes the euphoric nature of the Cazzette epidemic characterized by the song’s discordant, glitchy lead play, uplifting basslines, and rhythmic beat work. The futures of Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer are promising to say the least with Avicii’s manager Ash Pournouri also being the duo’s main mentor. Stephan Kuwabara’s testimony from the video aptly foretells music industry transitions veering away from CDs and MP3 down the line where "it’s like a religion. Instead of the cross, we have the CAZZETTE."

By Kiren Srinivasan