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Track of the Day: "Epidemic" - Jack Beats ft. Dillon Francis

Holy Moombahton. Jack Beats just dropped a Beatport-Exclusive EP on OWSLA titled Careless, including the Original Mix of "Epidemic" featuring the one and only Dillon Francis. It’s so cool to me when two artists team up for a track, and you can hear the different ideas and influences of both artists, especially when it’s two artists, like Francis and JB that intentionally try and find “what’s next”. Francis’ moohmbaton mastery mixed with the unmistakably electric Jack Beats sound makes for an absolute BANGER.  I just got a whole lot more excited that they’re both playing Electric Zoo on Friday. Be sure to check out the whole EP, it's infectious.

Out Today on Beatport!

By Will Payne

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Track of the Day: "Goin Down" (Milo & Otis Unoriginal Mix)

Today’s Trap Track of the Day features a Milo & Otis remix of 2006 Billboard hip-hop hit “Goin Down” by Yung Joc. Milo & Otis is a Moombahton/Jump Step project between producers KillaGraham and NYMZ. Much of the essence of the original track is intact with the same main melody, bassline, and vocals, as Milo & Otis incorporate a lot of playful hi-hat/drum work and various electro synths to give the rework a certain energy and bounce that’s associated with many of today’s moombah productions. As opposed to many of today’s up-and-coming producers, these guys have that special playful quality, enabling them to differentiate from the pack and to maybe make a big name for themselves in the moombahton game. Watch out for more from these dudes!

By Kiren Srinivasan


"Goin' In" - Birdy Nam Nam (Skrillex "Goin' Down" Mix)

Not to be confused with Skrillex’s other remix off Birdy Nam Nam’s Jaded Future EP, this "Goin’ Down" remix is not to be forgotten amongst the huge popularity of its more drum and bass alternative.  Released on Skrillex’s own OSWLA, this track is sure to be featured at his upcoming shows such as Electric Zoo and by other artists on the label that represent a more moombahton and drum and bass style such as Dillon Francis and Birdy Nam Nam. This remix starts off more acoustically than its alternative with a background chime tune that sounds eerily similar to Skrillex’s own "First of the Year," but the drop surprises with a loud, resonating bass that is slower than the "Goin’ Hard" remix, but equally as powerful. Although its bpm of 140 is faster than the 87 bpm of the "Goin’ Hard" mix, its main synth is slower and more chopped to give it a slower and deeper feel. Another unique feature of the song is the chopped vocals that imitate the main melody with an added light synth that livens the mood.  

It is hard to pinpoint the ever changing genre of Skrillex; he has meddled with complextro, dubstep, and more recently of late drum and bass and even moombahton, but the eccentric artist continues to create incredibly unique sounding music and set trends that others cannot help but follow.

By Tommy Carolin


Express Yourself EP - Diplo

Asian Correspondent Anne Chang with Diplo at Governors Ball NYC

Diplo's Express Yourself EP, released June 12 on Mad Decent is a hot summer party record. Though he's shown us throughout the years his ability to manipulate any sound into a booty-shaking good time, Diplo experiments even further with his usual dancehall-infused moombah beats in this new release. And we're impressed. The full EP is available for stream below!

EP Highlights:

"Express Yourself" ft. Nicky Da B

Featuring the filthy fast flow of New Orleans rapper Nicky Da B, this title track is a banging moombah anthem. And the inspiration for all those photos Diplo's been posting on the Internet. If you haven't checked out the music video yet, you should (you're missing some serious New Orleans Bounce ass-shaking).

"No Problem" ft. Flinch & Kay

With the fresh vocals of frequent Diplo vocal-collaborator Kay, and that harder bass edge provided by the dubstep producer Flinch, this track "plays like a motherfucking champion."

"Barely Standing" ft. Datsik & Sabi

Get a glimpse at the harder side of Diplo's rhythms with this recent Datsik collab. "Barely Standing" incorporates D's usual moombahton sound with the uniquely smooth vocals of Sabi and bassier edge. Blast this track and your subwoofers will leave you barely standing

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Sleaze" - Knife Party ft. Mistajam

Off their new EP Rage Valley, Knife Party pulls out a curveball. Personally, I am not one that is very into Moombahton, but Knife Party does it right with "Sleaze." Starting with a Jaws-like theme, the build makes any hard EDM lover excited. By the time the break arrives, the listener is found listening to an interesting combination of Knife Party's signature sound with the groove similar to a Moombahton song. With a catchy beat and hard sounds provided by this genius duo, you're going to want to move your feet until they kick you out.

By April Surrency