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"Turn Up!" Spring Break 2013 Power Hour Mix - Styles & Complete

If you don’t know what ratchet music is, then you’ve never heard of Trap and Dubstep duo Styles&Complete. Hailing from my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, these two are all about getting buckwild both on the stage and through your headphones. Their TURN UP! Hour of Power 3 is a perfect kickstart to the weekend. And the best part—this mix is a power hour. If you don’t know how a power hour works, then here’s the deal: it’s a drinking game. This mix is sixty minutes long, and the song changes every minute. When you hear the song change drink a shot of beer. I've heard of themed power hours before, but I’ve never seen one designed for EDM lovers. Combining several different moombahton, trap, and dubstep tracks, this mix will make you feel alive and ready for an epic weekend. The duo created something specific for us ravers, the people who party the hardest. So, even if you’re not getting down at a show this weekend, the party will in no way be whack. Fill up your cups and cheers to the weekend - the Styles&Complete ratchet way.


1. Turn Up - Gent n Jawns
2. Scumbag - Bro Safari
3. Smash It - Styles&Complete 
4. Started From the Bottom - Drake
5. Higher - Just Blaze x Baauer
6. FVCK SCHOOL (I Could Be the One) - Avicii (Styles&Complete Bootleg)
7. Clarity - Zedd (Brillz Remix)
8. The Way We Ball - Lil Flip (Crizzly Remix)
9. Decisions - Borgore x Miley Cyrus
10. Hate Bein Sober - Chief Keef
11. The Get Down - Styles&Complete
12. Krypto Moombah - Afrojack + Munchi (Styles&Complete edit)
13. Rooster in my Rari - Waka Flocka (TNGHT Remix)
14. Twerk 4 Gold - Valentino Khan
15. Pop That - French Montana (Styles&Complete Bootleg)
16. Pour it Up - Rihanna (RL Grime Remix)
17. Harlem Shake - Baauer (Kid Womp Remix)
18. Wild for the Night - ASAP Rocky
19. Jah No Partial - Major Lazer ft. Flux Pavilion
20. Snap Your Fingers - Lil Jon (Candyland OG Remix)

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"Watch Out For This" (Bumaye) - Major Lazer

Unfortunately for me, Major Lazer’s highly-anticipated album, Free The Universe, has been pushed back until April. I was devastated when I heard this news, but fortunately ML has decided to release the second single from the album (the first one being "Jah No Partial") to tide us over. "Watch Out For This" (Bumaye) is the polar opposite of "Jah No Partial," taking a lot of inspiration from Jamaican dancehall instead of the bass genres. Tracks like this are the reason I love Major Lazer so much: the music produced by Diplo and the rest of his crew has this unique ability to blend together a huge spectrum of different styles into one unique sound. There are no other artists out there that can go from Dubstep bangers to dancehall-Moombah anthems like Major Lazer can, which is the reason why I’m so excited for the full Free The Universe release. But until then, I’ll just have to bide my time with this hot new track!

By Jack Ulrich

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Preview: "Perigo" - Ookay 

One of the most beautiful parts about EDM is that artists are given the opportunity to not only bend genres, but to blend them as well. Ookay, an up and coming who's released records on Ultra and Buygore Records, gave a hefty preview of his track, “Perigo,” this week, labeling it as Moombahtrap. The track begins with the signature playful bounce and swing of Moombahton, but at about 1:30 in, there is a significant shift—the tempo slows down and the Trap bass and backbeat comes at you head on. There is a steady balance of each genre, and the song allows the listener to transcend from just the simple bobbing of the head into the uncontrollable want to dance. This track makes it hard to believe that Ookay has been producing for less than one year, but makes me excited to see what’s in store for the future. “Perigo” will drop soon, along with the rest of Ookay’s newest EP, in the next couple of weeks. 

By Carol Oliveira


"Boy Oh Boy" - GTA & Diplo

If you haven't heard about GTA yet, it's about time you add them to your watch list. The production duo has made it abundantly clear through their recent Death to Genres Vol. 1 mix that we must abolish all arbitrary sound-classification. I for one think that's a great idea, and would get rid of a lot of annoying chatter here on the internet. Either way, these two definitely have a bright future. The happiest day of my time with EDM Lounge has to be the day Kaskade supported our post on Van Toth's (1/2 of the duo) Trap edit of "Move For Me," but I assure you there is far more to come from the two. With clean cuts and a deep Moombah groove on top of seamless sampling of Missy Elliott's "Work It," this almost unheard collab with Diplo sets it off hard. 

By Edward Fancher


"Keep It Gully" - Diplo & Swick

It amazes me how Diplo even has time to produce when he's in a different city and girl (sorry had to) almost every night, especially something of this caliber. His skills always shine brightest when bringing his sound back to the streets of the Caribbean, which always seems odd to me considering he's a white boy, but hey he pulls it off. Today Mad Decent premiered this exclusive collaboration with the master of Moombah-Dancehall along with Swick. Blast this trill shit and get those island vibes flowing into what otherwise may be a cold, dark Tuesday.

By Edward Fancher